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One of the most critical elements of providing green technologies has to be virtualization. Virtualization is pinnacle of green…
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Science and Technology
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Green Computing is one of the most modern concepts that revolves around using innovative technologies to accommo the needs of the 21st business. One of the most critical elements of providing green technologies has to be virtualization. Virtualization is pinnacle of green technologies because it strives to green a friendly environment it aims for corporate sustainability. This paper will discuss the initiatives of Amazon and Google going green.
One of the traditional reforms that both organizations conducted was to virtualize their traditional infrastructure. Virtualization is one of the most essential concepts that will continue to play a dramatic role in the modern century. The problem that majority companies faced with the traditional IT infrastructure consists of several problems. One of the critical problems is the fact that it takes high energy costs. In addition, the traditional mainframe networks take too much space. Furthermore, the heat that is generated through these servers must be cooled. In fact, recent studies have found that organizations achieved on average an 18% reduction in their budget from cloud computing and a 16% reduction in data costs. Hence, virtualization should be embraced by organizations because it is cost-effective, flexible, and provides safe process of security protocols. Not only does virtualization allow corporations to be more “eco-friendly” but it also reduces costs which is crucial for success in the 21st century.
Another main initiative that has been taken by both moguls is to introduce carbon .One of the high focal points that has been emphasized over the years as an alternative approach for energy source has been solar energy. A solar initiative can be a very robust solution that can be utilized for powering residential and industrial purposes. One of the many advantages that solar energy offer is substantial reduction in pollution since no waste product is yielded. The production of energy is being derived from use of fossil fuel. Another great facet that solar energy offers is the fact that it can harness electricity in remote locations. Undoubtedly, this provides flexibility and a seamless integration with the nation’s future technology roadmap. Embedding solar panels in remote location are cost-effective and can create a channel for an optimized energy production. The thought of an environment in which sun energy is utilized to power the communities and the nation’s infrastructure can certainly be a reality. Although this innovative approach has been studied over time, but does have drawbacks. One aspect that cannot be sacrificed in this realm is quality of service. A carbon neutral infrastructure has allowed both organizations to reach new heights in his quest to achieve a technical advantage.
In order to ensure sustainability, it is crucial to realize the importance Google’s mission to achieve longevity. In order to achieve this, Google ensures decided research and development funds would be better applied to creating new technologies that would consist of grid-computing.
There has been much talk about nuclear energy that might be another feasible option for both moguls. However, nuclear energy can be a dangerous source of energy and can clash with “being green.” With so much discussion revolving around energy, it is no surprise that science and technology have surpassed the standards for energy sources. Currently, nuclear energy has become the grounds for providing 16% of energy worldwide. An interesting element about nuclear energy is the fact that it is produced naturally from the fission of the suns and stars. For many decades now, scientists are able to revive energy based on nuclear fission of breaking atoms. That nuclear power plants are able to produce electricity long after coal and oil become scarce. Another aspect that nuclear reacts optimize is the pollution that is yielded by coal and oil. Since coal and oil emit pollution, well-optimized nuclear power plants contain pollution is a very effective manner. Read More
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