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Forensics Report #1 - Coursework Example

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It is imperative to have an effective forensic procedure to determine the cause of some of the issues affecting the society. From this, there is the ability to carry out effective research and understand the actual…
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Forensics Report #1
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Download file to see previous pages This computer was Dean’s workstation. It had been taken to the IT service center within the same week. It was missing, but only because it have been taken to IT service center. It would be brought back to the station on the following Friday.
Mr. Dean used the USB Drive to store his work related files as the Assistant Chief Security Officer. After its analysis, it was found that nothing that could incriminate Mr. Dean since the files in the USB drive reflected his urge to work in parallel with the company’s interest.
After carrying out substantial research and reviewing all the evidence present, it is imperative to note that there was some inconsistency regarding the manner in which the particular employee resigned. The fact that the laptop case was found below the table adds to the suspicions because if the person resigned honorably, he would have at least left the laptop case on top of the table. The factors stated are some of those that led to the forensic examiners becoming involved with the case. The USB disc found ought to receive special examination to determine the information stored in it. The fact that the Chief Executive asked that the workstation computer be transferred back to the work office is an imperative step to take for it saw to it that information was not deleted from the computer at which the particular employee was working.
The manner in which the employee terminated his employee is somehow suspicious and this is because for an organization such as the one given in the study, it is a requirement to tender a formal resignation by writing a letter and submitting to the relevant authorities in the organization. Going through the evidence may bring out information tying the particular worker to some illegal activities (Kiely, 2011). Either that or the employee was blackmailed out of his work. The room should also be wiped for fingerprints and this might assist in identifying the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Forensics Report #1 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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