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When it comes down to choosing a computer, the most important part is to consider the type of work one intends to use the machine for and the price of the product. Choosing the right gadget is very important, as it will allow one to work without much waste of time and money on…
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Computer Features
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09 September Computer features When it comes down to choosing a computer, the most important part is to consider the type of work one intends to use the machine for and the price of the product. Choosing the right gadget is very important, as it will allow one to work without much waste of time and money on upgrading the computer looking for a new one that fits the job (Shelly et al, 2010). An ideal computer should have a good processor for this is a crucial element of any computer. The processor determines the performance of any machine. This means that a poor processor translates to bad performance. For the perfect computer the processor speed should be 2 GHZ and above. This will facilitate faster performance of the system.
A good computer should also have a good memory; this also affects the performance of the system. The first type of memory that is available in a computer is the random access memory that temporarily stores data. If the ram is bigger, it allows one to running more applications at one time. For the computer of choice a ram of 4 gigabytes and above is ideal. Another memory found in a computer is the hard disk that stores all the information fed into a computer. More space means high volumes of data to store, for a good computer a hard disk of one terabyte and above is perfect. All of the above mentioned are components of a good computer however, that is not all a good computer should also be able to connect to a wireless network. This type of internet connection is widely available and can be found in most public areas like schools, libraries and even coffee shops. The final piece is a disc drive. This component allows an individual to watch movies or listen to music stored in a compact disc. It also allows one to transfer the content from a computer and into the disc for storage.
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Shelly, Gary B, Thomas J. Cashman, and Misty Vermaat. Introduction to Computers. Mason, Ohio: South-Western, 2010. Print. Read More
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