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The author of the following essay "Scoring Cyber CompetitionsScoring Cyber Competitions" underlines that cyber competition refers to a type of competition which is done online through the internet. It is a very important activity which exclusively aims at fostering cyber skills…
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Scoring Cyber Competitions
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Cyber Competition Scoring Cyber Competitions Recommendations Cyber competition refers to a type of competition which is done onlinethrough the internet. It is a very important activity which exclusively aims at fostering cyber skills which might not be attained through academics. Although there are different kinds of cyber competitions, I would like to point out they require a lot of observation and application skills for one to register any scores. However, based on my research, I would like to give the following recommendations:
First, a cyber competition should actively involve the use of scoring machines. Since it is an online activity, there needs to be an automated scoring machine which can be manipulated to generate and maintain scores to the competing teams. In fact, some competitions might require the use of certain services such as web, email and database each of which plays an integral role in determining the success of the competition (Cashell, et al., 2004). Each of these machines should always be made available and actively maintained throughout the competition.
Besides, I would like to recommend that the competitors should be equipped with both the offensive and defensive skills. Offensive skills can be crucial in launching an attack and allowing access to the vulnerabilities. On the other hand, defensive skills can be of much value especially when eliminating the vulnerabilities and building one’s own network before defending it (Loguidice & Barton, 2014).
Lastly, the cyber competition should involve the use of rewards. The machine chosen should be in a proper condition to help in awarding and deducting points from the competitors depending on the level of their performance. Points should be added if the competitor complies with all the rules and manages to carry out a successful defense, attack and injections in line with the competition. Otherwise, points might be lost if they fail to do so or intentionally interrupt the scoring system.

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