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The three websites that is to be reviewed has specific content and would be accordingly analyzed. It would even highlight areas where there is low usability along with some recommendations for…
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433Mod5SLP Introduction Usability criteria for one website differ from the other as it depends on its content. The three websites that is to be reviewed has specific content and would be accordingly analyzed. It would even highlight areas where there is low usability along with some recommendations for further improvement in the future.
The three websites that has been selected to be analyzed are based on usability principles. In the first website a clear description has been given in terms of the necessary steps that should be taken by project managers so as to ensure high usability of the content. This website is precise and can be easily used by the viewers. Its separate segments make the entire website easy to be operated. The major usability criteria for this website was to understand whether all information has been provided regarding visual design, content strategy, project management, maintaining high usability, etc. All of these factors have been properly addressed in the website (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2014). The next website highlights the different elements which enable a website to be transparent by nature. There have been many images and stories portrayed in the website that reflects stories of the past history. However the entire assessment for this website was aligned toward the aspect of how well it brings forth the meaning of transparency. The usability of this website is comparatively low in comparison to the previous website simply because of the fact too many information has been embedded in the site (Transparency, 2013). It meets the requirement in terms of content and structuring but the website appears to be complicated to the users. There is a need to possess knowledge about the factors that has been stated in the site. The last website is of Nielsen Norman Group and it describes history and achievements of Jakob Nielsen. Its usability assessment is done on productive contents of the site. This website has an ease of usage and learning (Nielsen Norman Group, 2014). All the useful resources have been categorized articles, training, reports, etc.
In the first website there are no such specific areas for improvement as all the vital elements that improves user experience has been properly addressed. However in the second website the excessive content is not usable. It appears to be complex in relation to viewing as well as understanding. The major improvement in this website should be in the form of structuring where all the information will be grouped under separate categories (Rubin & Chisnell, 2011). Important historical aspect such as simulation history and relevant images needs to be highlighted in the site. In the third site of Nielsen group it is suggested that articles and reports should be illustrated in the home page so that users find it interesting and appealing. History of Jakob Nielsen needs to have a separate segment with elimination of unnecessary information.
In the entire process of usability I have noticed that separate websites has different content and structure. The assessment even helped me to identify various factors that create high usability and all those information which results into overall complexity of the site. I was able to even observe differences amongst these websites.
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