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The system is called My Money Tracker. My Money Tracker is intended to be a tool that clients can use in managing their future payments. We are working in a group to…
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Report of what I did last week
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Report of what I did last week The project concerns developing software that the group intends to propose for use in banksfor tracking money. The system is called My Money Tracker. My Money Tracker is intended to be a tool that clients can use in managing their future payments. We are working in a group to achieve our objective. I have made several contributions that have the potential to enhance project success.
The fist role that I performed in this group assignment this week was communicating to the group in time to ensure timely selection of an application and a related technology. This communication was critical because it enhanced the speed of activities and ensuring that each group member was aware of his or her role. Project development was characterized by discussion of the outline discussion and preparation. An outline is crucial in any project because it ensures that participants cover all the necessary parts without leaving necessary parts out. I decided to do opening statement and purpose. The opening statement will enable potential clients to identify project benefits in addition to attracting and maintaining their attention.
I suggested and designed a help page for the project. A help page is the page in an application that enables clients to find assistance from the administrators of the application through asking questions. The primary purpose of the help page is to enable clients fully comprehend how the tool works. I volunteered to design this page. Customers will have more interest in using our application tool because they are guaranteed of help when they need it.
During project commencement this week, I persuaded group members to create time for more meetings sessions than normal. I believed that the more the number of meeting sessions, the faster would be the duration for project completion. Through encouraging group members to meet regularly, I made vital contribution particularly ensuring that the project was completed within the predetermined period of time. The tool we are currently developing is new and unique; no one within our group has the idea of its components. My friend John had the original idea of this application. I supported him in understanding and developing the main components of the tool.
We decided to divide the work among the group members. Division of work is important in any project because it enhances the speed of completion. Division of work will also encourage specialization with its associated perfectionism, motivation to work, and improved quality since each group member will be accountable to his or her input. I decided to take care of opening statements and purpose of the tool. The opening statement comprises of the opening remarks when one is using the tool; a well-structured opening statement can enhance usability of the tool. I also suggested taking responsibility of structuring the purpose of the application to enhance tool understandability. I also took part in identifying and explaining the java related to My Money Tracker and possible stakeholders.
I have contributed to a great extent the success of the current project. This was achieved through actual participation in designing and implementing project parts. I also gave vital ideas concerning various critical aspects of the project. Read More
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