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Ensuring that the clients and the stakeholders have sufficient amount of resources in terms of the digital usage, makes up for the capacity handling and optimization…
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The Four IT Business Management Domains
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The four variables suggested serve as a potential solution to the long impeding I.T field disorganized outlook. Ensuring that the and the stakeholders have sufficient amount of resources in terms of the digital usage, makes up for the capacity handling and optimization fulfillment. This in correlation with management of the kind of services provided makes up for the second integral variable. In order to be able to assess the future demands, the process of forecasting must be undertaken in a more coordinated manner which will allow for handling the resources and the budgets in a more desired manner.
In each of the four categories highlighted, the CIOs have an integral role to play with regard to the facilitation of the overall scheme of improvement. It is high time to ensure that the budget determination techniques are stretched beyond the conventional mode of using Spread sheets and data tables. This through the incorporation of the advanced softwares and databases must be integrated into a more comprehensive and vibrant network which will allow for a robust handling of the overall budget constraints and resources.
The next variable is that of the large scaled collaboration with the other networks. This will facilitate better means of communication and cooperation and in turn best outcomes extraction. At present the system of business alignment demand considerable improvements in terms of the tools and techniques used along with the broader means of communication system establishment within. Addressing the risk factor and defining the quality as a overall new concept are two other factors that are part of the overall revamp policy.
Lane, D. (2011). The Chief Information Officers Body of Knowledge: People, Process, and Technology. John Wiley & Sons Read More
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(The Four IT Business Management Domains Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
The Four IT Business Management Domains Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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