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It can be used for client-side validation to primarily reduce the network traffic. However, today, the extension of JavaScript to the server side can be made possible through embedded JavaScript engines (Hanselman and Rader,…
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Can JavaScript be used in server-side validation
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There are many reasons why JavaScript is used today. It can be used for client-side validation to primarily reduce the network traffic. However, today, the extension of JavaScript to the server side can be made possible through embedded JavaScript engines (Hanselman and Rader, 2011, 185). SpiderMonkey and Rhino, both maintained by Mozilla Foundation are known established engines. By linking these engines to the JavaScript it can be evident that a few lines of code can take advantage of optimizing the importance of SQL data in JavaScript, which means that fast processing of information is possible to take place. Furthermore, simplifying the process of consuming XML can also be looked forward to.
However, from the standpoint of security, it is important to say that not all users will have JavaScript enabled. This means that server side validation is important for both compatibility and security reason.
In today’s advancing digital world, everyone wants to be protected against the malicious user. JavaScript however can easily be bypassed by this user and allow him to turn in detrimental input to the server (Hall, Brown and Chaikin, 2007). In this regard, although JavaScript is possible in server-side validation, it is also important that upon its implementation, a remarkable connection to the user will have to be initiated first. Unfortunately, not all users will have their JavaScript enabled.
One should respond correctly to the client who is sending HTTP, which must literally include the concept of validation. This makes sense especially in the context of the entire validation process for security purposes. Thus, it also makes sense to explore further JavaScript and its potential usage in the server-side validation.
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