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This article discusses Artificial Intelligence using robots and cyclons. The Battlestar Galactica is depicted in this essay as the projection of man’s fear that science will come to develop cybernetic creatures that will destroy or harm humanity…
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Review of Peers Learning Objects
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Extract of sample "Review of Peers Learning Objects"

Review of Peers’ Learning Objects Review of Peers’ Learning Objects Man versus Machine by Jacksti This article discusses Artificial Intelligence using robots and cyclons. The Battlestar Galactica is depicted in this essay as the projection of man’s fear that science will come to develop cybernetic creatures that will destroy or harm humanity. Some of the bases of this fear identified by the essay include better weapons, formidable bodies and the propensity of the creatures replicating themselves by incarnation. The reference to this fear is strength in this essay because human beings have always feared that other beings would overpower and subdue them. Another example of such fears is one associated with the possibility of aliens from other planets invading the earth (Kumar, 2008).
Whereas the assertion that Battlestar Galactica is a good object of entertainment is strength, the assumption that no scientist would unscrupulously produce a self-sentient cybernetic creature, might not be entirely correct. History shows that scientific discoveries have a tendency to bring about self-destructive creations including nuclear weaponry and the possibility of the same happening with Artificial Intelligence cannot be overlooked (Kumar, 2008).
Balsamiq: Rapid Interface Prototyping for Professionals
Michael Bruce is the author of this article that expounds on prototyping, its challenges and the advantages of Balsamiq prototyping tool. This article explains that rapid prototyping involves the making of an exemplar item that is later taken to users to test it and produce feedback that can help correct and improve it in future. One of the challenges to prototyping is the lack of priority for making prototypes whose mockups allow for speed and efficiency. Other challenges include difficulty working with stakeholders, production of prototypes for individual use and mobility. The article explains that Balsamiq helps surmount most of these challenges. The identified advantages of Balsamiq include mobility, simplicity and inexpensiveness (Warkfel, 2009).
Strength with this article is the incorporation of diagrams that help expound on its content. Citation is another thing that adds onto the strength of this article. A downside to this article is the lack of information on the disadvantages of the Balsamiq (Warkfel, 2009).
An Ergonomic Issue by Rummy Chaudhary
Chaudhary’s is a summary of an article from the web written by Linda Stone. The summary is on email apnea, the phenomenon of people holding their breath and breathing shallowly when going through emails. The summary explains that anxiety and suspense associated with particular emails are some of the causes of email apnea. It asserts that email apnea leads to a rise in acidity levels, imbalance in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Susceptibility to viral infections is one of the effects associated with email apnea (Salvendy, 2012).
One of the strengths of Chaudhary’s summary is that it goes beyond Stone’s suggestions of how to solve email apnea to provide other solutions. The solutions it suggests are simple, workable and can be tried by any person using a computer. The summary’s outline enhances the delivery of message because each subtitle ushers the reader into its content. As desirable as it is, the suggestion that a person working with a computer should take breaks every thirty minutes might not be practical and economical and can lower the worker’s job performance (Salvendy, 2012).
My Learning Objects
Man versus Machine
Balsamiq: Rapid Interface Prototyping for Professionals
An Ergonomic Issue by Rummy Chaudhary
Describe the contents of the learning objects briefly
Identify their strengths and weaknesses
Date of posting for each learning object
Kumar, E. (2008). Artificial intelligence. New Delhi: I.K. International Pub. Hse. Pvt. Ltd.
Salvendy, G. (2012). Handbook of human factors and ergonomics. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Warkfel, T. (2009). Prototyping: a practitioner’s guide. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Rosenfeld Media. Read More
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Review of Peers Learning Objects Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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