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It is vital to note that Nikisha Kitchens is basically composed of a computer network that is divided into three main segments, which are, a business and sales unit, plant unit and a remote network of an outlet store. Upon a thorough analysis of this network, it is essential to…
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Unit 5 Case Study Assignment 1
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Nishida Kitchens It is vital to that Nikisha Kitchens is basically composed of a computer network that is divided into three main segments, which are, a business and sales unit, plant unit and a remote network of an outlet store. Upon a thorough analysis of this network, it is essential to recommend that the best protocol is the Fast Ethernet protocol (Benvenuto and Zorzi, 2011).
The use of Fast Ethernet Protocol will offer a significant number of advantages such as speedy transfer of data up to a maximum of 100Megabytes per second. In addition, it is easy to configure fast Ethernet. The company only needs 100Mbps network cards and Category 5 twisted-pair cables. The Fast Ethernet hardware requirements are also available at low prices, which is great very crucial in lowering the installation costs that the company has to incur. Furthermore, the fast Ethernet protocol provides a strong error detection and correction platform.
For Wide Area Network (WAN) communications with Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Enterprise Linux workstations, then, the protocol that should be used is, Point-to-Point (PPP) (Benvenuto and Zorzi, 2011).
The Point-to-Point offers a wide number of advantages such as a high quality authentication platform using either Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) or more efficiently by the Challenge Handshake Protocol (CHAP). This is a very important characteristic in ensuring delivery of high network security at the company. Secondly, through magic number configuration, PPP can play a huge role in detecting errors over the WAN. Lastly but certainly not the least, PPP aids in compressing data as it travels over the network and decompressing it at the required destination. This characteristic is very crucial as it aids in increasing effective throughput over the Wide Area Network (Benvenuto and Zorzi, 2011).
Benvenuto, N & Zorzi, M. (2011). Principles of communications networks and systems. Chichester, West Sussex, U.K: Wiley. Read More
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Unit 5 Case Study Assignment 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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