Technical Architecture and Why - Assignment Example

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‘Big box’ retailers like Walmart deal with huge volumes of data; therefore, the technical architecture should allow sharing and utilization of information across the organization. There are various factors capable of guiding the technical aspects within the Enterprise like…
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Technical Architecture and Why
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Technical architecture and why Lecturer: ‘Big box’ retailers like Walmart deal with huge volumes of data; therefore, the technical architecture should allow sharing and utilization of information across the organization. There are various factors capable of guiding the technical aspects within the Enterprise like the business users, DBA’s, security officers and data architects. Client/server architecture that incorporates hardware and software components that interact to form a distributed system is required for proper development of client/server system in the big box retailer (Ray, 2009). A distributed retailer is highly efficient because it does not rely on a hub site to provide most if not all of the services it needs. Moreover, all services are quick to respond to the in-store requests.
Although hybrid and centralized system of technical architecture seem to be efficient in other businesses like shipping, a distributed system for a retail store is better because a retail store needs to track and identify behavioral trends in order to improve pricing and stocking. The proposed distributed operating system is essential in serving the various clients within the retail since it allows interactions of the various business activities through integration of machines within the network (Ray, 2009). A distributed DBMS is essential in providing functionality for the distributed system in order to facilitate the business processes for the retailer. Principles for technical architecture incorporate strategic and enterprise-wide goals that rely on specific environmental factors for the business (Greefhorst & Proper, 2011). Therefore, the proposed technical architecture for the retailer offers properties that are essential in meeting the retailer’s requirements.

Greefhorst, D., & Proper, E. (2011). Architecture principles: The cornerstones of enterprise architecture. Berlin: Springer.
Ray, C. (2009). Distributed database systems. Delhi: Pearson. Read More
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