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Hewlett Packard takes project management learning to a higher level - Term Paper Example

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The underlying rationale behind this has to do with two factors. The first of these is with regard to the great variety in the type of products or services that the IT…
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Hewlett Packard takes project management learning to a higher level
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Extract of sample "Hewlett Packard takes project management learning to a higher level"

Download file to see previous pages ency, productivity and profitability of their firm was being negatively impacted by the lack of direct training they provided to middle management; specifically project managers. Accordingly, the firm endeavored to change by providing a visionary and optimistic training program that proved to be the envy of many firms. As a means of understanding and appreciating the approach that Hewlett Packard engaged in, with respect to an overarching project management and training program, the following analysis will seek to draw inference with respect to the key inputs of the deliverables for the project in question, how some of the challenges to the project management process may be defined, and the opinion of this analysis with respect to the quality of the project management that was exhibited within the case in question and why.
The key inputs that provided the mechanism for change with regard to the case in question are contingent upon the desire and wherewithal to change, investment in training, and promoting core concepts of interaction and business development. Within such a rubric, HP was focused on achieving a competitive advantage over their rivals by focusing on the quality of the training process and ensuring that the inputs – ability to change, investment in training, and promoting core concepts of interaction and business development – would serve as the platform through which a greater level of IT provision within the firm and a higher level of productivity.
Of all the inputs, the investment in time and money that such a program required was immense. As such, many individuals outside HP would have been hesitant to commit such a high level of resources on a thus far unproven program that was intended to maximize future project organization and profitability within the firm. Another relevant input that must be discussed is with regard to the training that took place prior to the program being offered at all.
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