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Enterprise architecture as a process as well as an organizing principle helps align functional business objectives and strategies with IT strategy and a plan for execution. In a retail store, business principle that enhances customer connection influences decision-making and EA…
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Practice with Enterprise Architecture (EA) Principles
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Practice with Enterprise Architecture (EA) Principles Lecturer: Enterprise architecture as a process as well as an organizing principle helps align functional business objectives and strategies with IT strategy and a plan for execution. In a retail store, business principle that enhances customer connection influences decision-making and EA since it affects the way the store begins fulfilling its mission. To fulfill the needs of the retail store, the data sub-architectures in the EA have to reflect consensus across the business while at the same time embodying enterprise architecture thinking (Minoli, 2008). Therefore, architecture principle in the retail store would focus on architecture-level issues while representing the set business principle. Because the business principle is focusing on customers then the data sub-architecture is affected.
Changing the business principle to elimination of channel barriers in distribution is essential because it affects not only the front end activities like shopping options but also back-end systems that allow order execution while controlling inventory flow. The data sub-architectures in the retail store’s EA would be influenced by the rationale as well as the implications of the principle. The information offered by the principle facilitates its acceptance and supports its application in data-substructures through justification of the rationale within the principle. Data sub-architectures in the retail store are influenced by the new principle because architectural principles in EA aim at capturing the fundamental truth regarding the way the enterprise uses and deploys information technology resources (Minoli, 2008). Because the business principle changed to focus on elimination of channel barriers in distribution, then data sub-architecture would need to adapt.
Minoli, D. (2008). Enterprise architecture A to Z: Frameworks, business process modeling, SOA, and infrastructure technology. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Read More
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