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It is the largest holder of online videos available through streaming. It has changed the concepts of computer operations. It incorporates the…
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Research Outline and References
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YouTube in the modern times of digital interaction and interface is not just the of a website, rather a medium and a platform. It is the largestholder of online videos available through streaming. It has changed the concepts of computer operations. It incorporates the concepts of cloud computing (Bloor, Halper, & Kaufman, 2010) which has virtually eliminated the need for storage and hard drive disks. While it may appear as mere load and play activity the ordinary user, the concept of video playback is used in providing the fast streamed data and video content. It is amongst the top few websites that are visited globally on daily basis. What started off as a small academic project in 2005(Stross, 2009, 236), it is now owned by Google Inc.
YouTube has over seven billion videos (Bullas, 2012) on it with over a trillion clicks and visits since 2011 (Smith, 2014). The registered number of users on YouTube is around one billion. The incorporation of cloud computing and advertisement is another domain which will progress in times ahead. With Google Glass and Nano technologies serving as future promises, YouTube is bound to become a more effective tool towards the digital communication operations.
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Research Outline and References Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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