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Assesses availability of departure and categorise the new entry as tentative until every verification is completed then change status as completed. The clerk then updates booking information to be…
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System Analysis and Design 251 Assignment
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SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 251’s ASSIGNMENT Use Case Diagram The following use case diagram is organized by subsystem of new Customer Booking system for Outback Tours (OT).
New system’s Major Use Cases

Use cases glossary
Use case name
create booking
The clerk creates new booking database to enter the information of the customer. Assesses availability of departure and categorise the new entry as tentative until every verification is completed then change status as completed. The clerk then updates booking information to be assessed by departure head and administration for backup and final authorization.
OT Tour Clerk
Tour Request
Customer makes confirmation regarding details captured. Can add, delete, modify, or just confirm that everything is properly captured.
Confirming and generating records
Avail accommodation booking report and generate departure summary with help of departure head.
Coordinate tour actors
Departure head coordinate the resources of departure from driver, customer and others to keep time and save on finances. Ensure the departure dates and codes, departure name, tour name, tour code, short description, return dates and accommodation types, clients preferences, the maximum number of customers, period, names of tour guides and the drivers, and the vehicle registration numbers are captured accurately
Departure head (tour guide)
Ticket verification
Ticket counter agent assist customer in checking in by verifying their reservation tickets. Show them seats and check luggage.
Ticket counter agent
Vehicle service
Ensuring that the vehicle is in good condition for tour and confirms check in to verify capacity
Maintain system
As the system is used it requires regular service and maintenance to avoid errors and unnecessary expenses
System Administrator
Allocate accommodation
Once accommodation summary report has been provided. Accommodation officer ensures that customers get their respective accommodation preferences
Accommodation head
Acquire certification and tour site coordination
Linking the tour site with OT departure to ensure smooth clarification at the site to minimize time wastage
Tour Organizer
Avail resources
Once tour resources have been identified and confirmed the manager ensures that they are available for customers’ use
Resource Manager
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