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However, there are setbacks associated with technology; some individuals are suffering from technology overload. They often feel uncomfortable when they do not access their…
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How can people best cope with technology overload
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Technology has benefited our lives by increasing productivity because it is reliable and consistent. However, there are setbacks associated with technology; some individuals are suffering from technology overload. They often feel uncomfortable when they do not access their technological gadgets. Shelly and Vermaat (2009) explain that technological overload is a health problem that has to come to medical attention just like other mental problems. Technological overload develops in cases where use of technology affects ones personal life, profession and health.
However, there are strategies that can be applied to cope with technological overload. According to Ring (n.d.), time connected has to be estimated. For example, one has to set time at which he or she can routinely check emails. Once the time is evaluated, one can determine why he or she is connected at that time. According to Ring (n.d.), evaluation of the main facets of life such as things that one enjoys or makes him happy reduces overload of technology. Significant amount of time spent on technological application gives one less time with family and friends. However, evaluation of some important aspects and focusing on it reduces technology overload.
Technology is the best part of our lives if used within limits and for its intended purpose. For example, mobile phones can be accessed anywhere. This gives the user freedom of movement. However, one has to consider the main purpose of acquiring technology. Some gadgets such as cell phones are acquired for access in a suitable time, not as a burden that has to be accessed anytime. Time management reduces technology overload. One can schedule time access of emails or phone calls. Additionally, scheduling of other personal activities and adhering to it is necessary.
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