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This business proposal is going to talk about online selling of handmade crafts such as crocheted blankets and unique glassware to various home owners in various regions. Selling of various handmade wares is a business that has existed for some times now. Several entrepreneurs…
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E-Commerce Business Proposal Introduction (draft) with detailed outline
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Online Selling of Handmade Crafts Introduction This business proposal is going to talk about online selling of handmade crafts such as crocheted blankets and unique glassware to various home owners in various regions. Selling of various handmade wares is a business that has existed for some times now. Several entrepreneurs have ventured into this market and are involved in selling various products .Some of the products that these entrepreneurs sell on the internet include crafted gifts, handmade tools, handmade baskets and widgets.
This proposed business will also be dealing with all kinds of handmade products. The business will be designing making and selling various handmade products. However to cut a niche for itself in the already crowded market of selling handmade products, This proposed business will have an online platform that allows the clients to be involved in designing the products they want. The clients will be able to do this by either uploading a picture or sketch of the proposed item that they want to be designed and made for them. They will also be able to contribute in the designing of these products by providing a brief description of whatever they want so that the team of designers can be able to capture their needs well.
The involvement of the customers in the design of these handmade products will ensure that the needs of the customers are fully met. Involving the customers in the design process will ensure that the venture not only sells what it wants but also sells what the customers want. This will therefore give the business a competitive advantage over other seller of handmade crafts who basically sells what they have and do not sell what the customer wants.
The business will make money from selling of the crafts to the clients. Involving clients in the design process will also be a way of getting various design ideas from the clients. Payment will be either through credit cards or online money transfer channels such as PayPal. Cash payments will also be accepted when the crafts are delivered to the customers
This craft selling business will be internet based. It will require an interactive website that is built by a professional website developer. The customers will be able to view the product or crafts that are available for sale from the website. In addition to this, the website will allow the customers to contribute in the design of the crafts they want. The client will first choose the product he or she wants and describe how it should look like. The customer can draw sketch of the proposed design and post it through the website of the venture. From here, the design team will look at the customers proposed design and evaluate it.
The designing of the craft will start after the client makes the deposit for the product with the remaining amount being paid upon delivery. The designers will then design the product as per the specifications of the customer. The client will then be able to view his or her product and if satisfied he will go ahead to remit the remaining payment before the craft is delivered to them.
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