E-Commerce in developing countries - Research Proposal Example

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This is based on the acceptance of the effects that e-commerce has on the global economy such as in its technology and the economic sectors (Young & Gail…
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E-Commerce in developing countries
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Extract of sample "E-Commerce in developing countries"

E-Commerce in Developing Countries Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) may have diverse economic effects in the future development plans of an organization. This is based on the acceptance of the effects that e-commerce has on the global economy such as in its technology and the economic sectors (Young & Gail 359-364). However, e-commerce may also have dynamic benefits to developing countries. This study seeks to present the impacts of e-commerce to developing nations by recognizing that its effects could be stronger in developing countries than in developed countries (Kshetri 443-449).
2. Introduction
E-commerce is an essential tool to enhanced growth in the country based on its efficiency and reduction of time aspects. E-commerce has mainly affected the global economy by affecting the information technology (Toland 156-162). As such, this study recognizes the term e-commerce as way of doing business based on the processing and transmission of electronic data (Humphrey et al., 112-115).
3. Problem statement
Presenting of the research problem in the form of a statement so as to allow for in-depth building of analysis on the same (Patel & Premal 321-332).
4. Research Objective (s)
The objectives will be the core reason for the conduct of the study. This shall include both general and specific objectives of the study.
5. Research questions: These questions shall be modelled in consideration to the research objectives.
6. Ethical considerations of the study: This shall provide the ethics and related research morals required.
7. Literature review: This is a review of past literature from peer reviewed articles and other relevant sources by the researcher (Humphrey 78).
8. Methodology: This entails the identification of the research design to be used in the study and the respective data collection procedures/methods to be employed in the study (Toland 308-313).
9. Recommendations and conclusion.
10. References
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