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Web-based system - Research Paper Example

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They are the best way to take advantage of the current technology in order to promote the efficiency and productivity in an organization.
A relational…
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Web-based system
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Download file to see previous pages First, in a relational table, the rows should always be distinct. Second, the values in the column should not be repeating groups or allays. Examples of relational database systems include MySQL, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL(Ticknor and Corcoran, 2011).
The traditional way where databases were just one long text files known as tab delimited file was very tedious because the user had to search through the whole file in order to get the required data. However, relational databases make it very easy to find information and sort it according to field and produce reports that have only the required fields. Also, they help the user to compare data quickly due to the arrangement of information in columns, which helps relational database to build new tables from the information available on the existing tables.
Moreover, relational databases are flexible since different tables with data can be manipulated easily by operators according to their needs (Ticknor and Corcoran, 2011). The security control, as well authorization can be easily implemented by moving certain attributes in a table into a different relation that has its own authorization controls among others. However, relational databases tend to have low performance especially in if the tables are large and many. They also consume a lot of physical storage and they extract data meaning quite slowly.
A non relational database refers to a database that does not integrate the table/key model, which is promoted by the relational databases. They require manipulation of data processes and the applied techniques provide solutions to big data solutions mainly faced by large companies. The main examples of relational database systems include NoSQL and MongoDB. O’Brien and Marakas (2011) point out that non-relational databases are mainly incorporated into websites like Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon.
However, although relational databases have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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