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Create a report consisting of an advice package which offers guidelines, advice and practicable recommendations for implementing and managing large databases - Essay Example

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Databases ensure that computer programs, select pieces of data in an organized manner. They represent the manner in which end user data is stored, accessed and managed. Databases are managed through database…
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Create a report consisting of an advice package which offers guidelines, advice and practicable recommendations for implementing and managing large databases
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Extract of sample "Create a report consisting of an advice package which offers guidelines, advice and practicable recommendations for implementing and managing large databases"

Download file to see previous pages Database technologies are evolving to address the issue of handling large databases. These technologies are dynamic, but the fundamental principles and skills remain the same. Many purveyors are addressing the need for databases that support huge amounts of data; usually in the petabyte range (> 1,000 terabytes) (Kavanagh, 2004).
Information technology is dynamic; data is collected as hardware and software advance to handle bulky data. This makes it difficult to define what a large database entails. What is large today will be tiny in the next ten years. A large database can be defined as follows;
Implementing and managing large databases has been a problem for most companies. Companies ought to examine and evaluate their database design, to identify the inherent inhibitors to a seamless database management system.
The size of a database is influenced by the data volume, hardware, throughput, and software (Dittrich, 2001). Data volume is represented by table numbers, and/or the size of the data. A small database running on a constrained server will portray characteristics of a large database. Throughput is the measurement of usage levels. If a small database serves 9 million users simulataenously, it will be termed as a large database. The software used explains the database management system employed, as well as its implementation. The database is only good at the weakest point of the four factors. These weaknesses can be compensated in various ways:
In deciding how to scale a large database, there is the scale-up and scale-out options. Scaling-up is not a preferable option in the modern day of database management systems. Large servers tend to have an adverse price to performance ratio, when compared to commodity machines. The performance for every dollar expended on high-end servers is usually low. The next best alternative would be to scale-out.
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