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Windows Upgrade Report - Essay Example

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There is a clear separation between the operating system and the application programs in Windows XP. As a result applications which could get into the peripheral openly in the earlier versions could now run through the operating…
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Windows Upgrade Report
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Download file to see previous pages XP is termed a real operating system capable of working on a separated mode giving maximum benefits in terms of server features for home and office use.
Windows 7 came to live in 2009 as a replacement for Window XP. The Edition was designed for business, home and desktop use. The graphic features improved those of XP and implored the 3D. The “super bar” improved the architecture of the task bar with better coding scheme for instant access. In addition to Windows Media player, the new revolutionary Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery updated the media segment (Er. Vivek Sharma, 2013).
Windows 7 is available in many versions and present different features. Windows 7 is available in Starter, Premium, Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate. A user has a choice of these versions according to their needs.
The system adopted higher requirement specifications than those of XP. Windows 7 is characterized by 64-bit and 32-bit architecture with 64-bit 1 GHz processor. The minimum RAM size mandatory is 2GB with a lowest amount of 20 GB hard disc. The 32-bit architecture has a RAM requisite of 1GB. This is the disadvantage with Windows 7 if the current hardware does not suite the requirements. Another issue is that Windows XP is not easily upgraded to Windows 7.
Window 7 Enterprise has a number of features that minimizes cost for the business user. Direct Access is one such feature. Like the Direct Access, Branch cache is another application in Windows 7 that can be utilized together Windows server 2008 to improve the speed of extracting data from remote locations by caching the information in the intranet or the internet the first time it is requested. Other advancements include VDI, App locker, Federated search and Language Pack (Abraham Silberschatz, 2013).
Windows 8 was first released for manufacturing on August 2012 and is an extension of the 6.2 version of the Windows NT Kernel. The new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Windows Upgrade Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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