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Compare between contrast system software and application software - Essay Example

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Generally, there are three (3) main categories of the software include: the application software, system software and computer programming software (tool). The system software is utilized…
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Compare between contrast system software and application software
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Extract of sample "Compare between contrast system software and application software"

Download file to see previous pages The computer programming tools include, but are not limited to the debuggers, linkers, compilers, Microsoft software development tools and Java development tools. The document focuses only the system and application software and provides their detailed comparison. The initial section of the document contains a description of the system and application software, however, it proceeds with the comparison and contrast between the system software and application software.
The system software is developed specifically for the computer systems so that the computer system starts and runs the application software. After successful installation of the system software in the computer systems is able to run separately as well as over the computer network. There are different types of system software include: operating systems, device drivers, firmware, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Middleware and free system software. Initially, the operating system(s) (type of system software) are installed on the bare hardware of the computer system to provide an interface to the computer users for provision of computer services. The prominent examples of the operating system include: the Microsoft Windows OS, LINUX, UNIX and Mac OS. Once even one of the operating systems is installed in the computer systems enable the computer user to install various computer utility software to fulfill particular requirements of the computer users. However, the Middleware (type of the system software) can also be installed in the computer system to get functionalities that are even not provided by the operating system. Usually, the Middleware system software is used by the software developers so that they can get an interface to communicate with the computer hardware. It is pertinent to mention here that overall the system software is used for the specialized purpose by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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