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This paper explains the reason and how security strategy as a key element might require being updated as a perfect way of addressing security risks associated with various business environment…
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Elements of Security System
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Elements of Security System An understanding of each of the seven key elements of a security system is important. This paper explains the reason and how security strategy as a key element might require being updated as a perfect way of addressing security risks associated with various business environment changes. When migrating to an email system that is cloud-based, updating security strategy would be important to avoid possible risks associated with the increase concern on hosted email services due to the associated benefits. This could be done by weighing the email services. Regardless of the outcome, the firm would be in a better position by building a strong case for both cloud-hosted email system and email strategy. Customers need to be absolutely secure when communicating or transacting online (Kairab, pg.56).
In the case of installing a wireless network, updating security strategy should be done in order consider both benefits and associated security risks. Wireless networks would be of benefit due to the associated flexibility, but the network could be exposed to many security risks including those similar to wired networks. Additional risks thus call for security strategy upgrading. Management support is however important in this case (Kairab, pg.50). The radio transmission of data makes the wireless network open to intruders, who can exploit it, destroy it, steal data, or even deny access to authorized users. The strategy upgrade should include the use of risk management processes for assess possible risks, taking necessary steps to reduce the risks, and maintaining an acceptable level of security risks. The strategy should consider the economic side of the installation and in the management of the projected risks.
Security strategy upgrade is also important during major company reorganization. Major company reorganization occurs with both economic pressure and security risks. Major reorganizations include mergers, joint venture, and downsizing among others. Companies have to reveal some of their critical secretes and information, which could pose danger to a firm’s operations or success. Security strategy upgrade is important in this case since the management structure of the firm has eventually changed. The firm would make security changes in a way that it feels secure and stable (Kairab, pg.66). Operating in a secure way would be the best way to do it. The upgrade should consider aspect like possible uncertainties and the kind of information it needs to protect during the reorganization.
New legislation affecting business processes might also require a security upgrade. The upgrade would address new security risks associated with new legislations. Some new legislation may decrease the level of protection that a firm faces from the new business environment. New legislations could ease the changes that a security criminal could face after breaking into the firm’s secured systems or operations. Other legislations may consider a firm accountable for any of it security risks. These possibilities would require significant adjustments in the security strategy in order to fit within the new legislation (Kairab, pg.60). All these different business environments would call for an upgrade of a firm’s security strategy if the firm has to survive the respective business environment.
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Kairab, Sudhanshu. "The information Security Program and How a Security Assessment Fits In." Kairab, Sudhanshu. A Practical guide to Security Assessments. CRC Press, 2004. 45-66. Print. Read More
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Elements of Security System Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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