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The company has been experincing several difficulties with the existing system. The existing system is comprised of a computerised system for some of operations…
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System Analysis and Design
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Download file to see previous pages Due to the dificulties that the company has experienced, the manager has decided to hire a team that will implement an enterprise information system that will improve the comapanys revenue by autotamtic all the business processes.The new system primarily targets the processing of prescriptions since the process is still paperwork.
This report gives details of the analysis and preliminary findings of the existing system. It covers the analysis of different business operations which requires automation. All the activities and task mentioned in the case study are captured in the report. These include prescription processing and generation of reports. The details of how the daily processing of the order is given.
The report tries to identify and analyze the business problems that SC Company faces. Fundamental causes of these business problems are deliberated on. The report also gives a blueprint of each and every aspect of the business that requires to be automated. The analysis of whether the problems identified in the system can be solved throught the implementation of new information system (Yang 2010).
The report will also gives details of the intial finding and recommend other relevant sources where the information about the system can be found. The preliminary finding covers all the sections that need to be automated. The finding involves analyzing how the current business processes are carried out.
The company has issues with customer-delivery billing system. The system has become cumbersome to manage because the work load is becoming too much and complex. The medicare and nursing home reimbursement procedures and care providers contracts. The people who used the system have been forced to pay for the cost incurred due to inefficient system. There is also an issue with the billing software. The company which used to carry out routine maintenance has closed the business and hence the maintenance is done by the company’s employees, who lack ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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System Analysis and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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