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Employee Hit and Injured by Overhead Travelling Crane - Case Study Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that an employee was hit and badly injured in the back by an object that was being transported by the overhead train. The employee was found lying on the ground and complained of a sharp pain in his back…
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Download file to see previous pages The crane operator did not activate the alarm when he found the injured employee in the non-designated area. On inspection, he reported that alarm signal was out of order and he did not inform about it to anyone. He also did not care to warn the injured employee in time.
The injured employee was under stress- The employee was new and facing some disciplinary action in the company. Perhaps he was stressed when the accident happened because as per the information provided by a senior employee, when the employee got hit, the overhead crane was traveling at a very slow speed. He may have avoided being hit, had he been alert.
Lack of cordiality and concern between the new and old employees- No appropriate action was taken by the other employees deployed in the area where the accident occurred. There existed a clear-cut lack of cordiality and amity between the senior and new employees.
Lack of mentoring roles- Commitment to workplace safety is something that the new employees imbibe from the senior mentors. There existed a lack of mentoring provisions in the work area, which could have prevented the accident.
Promulgation of Company’s Safety Regulations amongst the New Employees- All the new employees are urgently called to a meeting where a senior foreman promulgates and explains in detail the Company’s Safety Regulations to them.
Crane Operator- The crane operator, operating the crane during the accident is sent on leave for the time and it is assured that all the operators henceforth operating the crane are suitably trained and experienced in handling all aspects of the crane operations. An inquiry is ordered as to why the crane operator did not warn the injured employee in time.
Fixing of accountability- The senior foremen deployed on the shop floors will be conveyed that it is they who will have to assure that all the employees abide by the Company’s Safety Regulations while being on the shop floor. Senior foremen will be extended the requisite authority on an immediate basis.
Qualification and Experience- Strict qualification and experience associated norms will be adhered to while recruiting the new employees.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Hit and Injured by Overhead Travelling Crane Case Study.
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