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The following paper 'Seven Keys to Switching to Gmail Like a Pro' presents the article by Cloud Sherpas, the change in workplace communication which is compared to that of email. Users of email nowadays do not have to worry about limited server storage…
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Seven Keys to Switching to Gmail Like a Pro
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Threading also reduces visual clutter. Secondly, Gmail offers users with huge storage space, and thus, they can archive emails instead of deleting. Thirdly, Gmail users are advised to use labels instead of folders because an email can only be put in one folder; however, for flexibility, it can be put in many labels. Moreover, labels can be hierarchically organized. Fourthly, switching to Gmail like a pro entails using Gmail while working offline without any internet connection. Gmail can also be accessed through cell phones (Cloud Sherpas 2).
Additionally, the fifth step listed by Cloud Sherpas in their article is the possibility of searching for emails with speed and accuracy instead of sorting, enjoying automatic software updates on a weekly basis, therefore, users experience new functionality. The seventh and last step in the article entails priority inbox. Gmail has a new feature known as priority inbox, which identifies a user’s important emails, and thus, separates it from other emails. Important emails are identified by priority inbox through the user’s pattern that is, the emails that are regularly opened and replied (Cloud Sherpas 3). Read More
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