The Issue of Redundancies Plus Backup Systems that Reduce Risk Occurrence in the Dam Sector - Assignment Example

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This paper concentrates on the issue of redundancies plus backup systems that reduce risk occurrence in the dam sector because these infrastructures are susceptible to attacks of terrorism and natural catastrophes presenting a need for their protection. …
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The Issue of Redundancies Plus Backup Systems that Reduce Risk Occurrence in the Dam Sector
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Redundancies Plus Backup Systems that Reduce Risk Occurrence in the Dam Sector"

Redundancies and backup systems in the Dam sector

In the Dam sector, various systems plus redundancies are in use to prevent risk occurrence; cyber insecurity results to threat of safety (McGrath, 2011). Control systems in Dams are vital systems when they are in an improved form. Improved control systems occur in suitable designs and work in a manner that is safe and free from cyber insecurity (Stewart et al., 2011). There exist information-sharing criteria in the Dam sector that pertain cyber and physical coercion plus procedures for protection. The Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 (HSPD-7) has ensured the presence of a National infrastructure Plan (NIPP) leading to development plus improvement of backup systems (McGrath, 2011). The Federal Emergency Management Agency ensures the existence of web associated training courses. These entail various issues of safety concerning Dams.

Gaps in the resilience strategies

It is difficult to maintain strong partnerships between the private and the public bodies that ensure proper sharing of authorities plus resources in order to implement strategies (McGrath, 2011). Application of appropriate technology becomes a challenge because various complexities may emerge. Existence of unreliable safeguards results in damages due to flooding and other aspects (McGrath, 2011). A climatic change presents challenges because it results in a variance in the flow of rainfall. This change affects dam structures because parameters used during design will need adjustment to conform to the existing variables (Stewart et al., 2011).  Read More
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