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The paper 'The NASA Website' presents the NASA website which was overwhelming. All of the vivid pictures, information, and raw data can be too much for the mind to take in at once. This site had so much information; it took a long time to look through…
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The NASA Website
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Technical terms are broken down for novice astronomers, more advanced issues can be found for individuals that yearn for more technical knowledge, and everyone can enjoy vivid pictures of the space shuttle, planets, moons, stars, and more. Overall this website could be given the grade of an A+.
Educators and students have links on the NASA website. Educators can find classroom materials to use in their classes. Students can find help for their assignments about space related issues. All ages of students can use myNASA to bookmark articles of concern. These services are provided for free. The enormous knowledge of NASA is shared through these tools. The information is vast. Everything from the first moon landing to images from the Hubble is provided by this website. An opportunity for students to watch astronauts on the space station, shuttle lift offs, and images of the earth from orbiting satellites are available. Overall this is a very informational site for educators and students.
Employees and policymakers (congressmen) can also access this website. A calendar, expense report, and general accounting for operations can be found under this link. The media has a link for questions about NASA operations, press passes, and events. Employees can view videos not available to the public. Policies are explained. For example, one article “NASA Hazard and Safety Reporting” directs “If you see a situation that might result in death or injury or damage to equipment or property, report it! All reports will receive prompt and thorough attention” ( A login for NASA employees is also found at this link.
NASA also features a news and mission link. All of the latest news and news on the shuttles is found at these links. Pictures from the Hubble telescope, reports about the finding of water on the moon, and the latest videos are available at the news link. In the news this week, NASA the Atlantis launch is scheduled for November 19 and remembrance of Apollo 12 forty years later. The mission link gives details on current and past missions from ACE, Advanced Composition Explorer, to WISE, an unmanned satellite. This link provides information about mission studies, goals, and achievements. Anything an individual wants to know about news or missions can be found under the news and missions of the link.
The vivid pictures, especially from the Hubble telescope, are amazing. The bright colors of the universe, reds, grays, blues, greens, and whites are vivid. The earth and moon are magnified and brought into focus. Pictures of shuttles, astronauts, and other equipment are also shown on this website. One picture showed the ground control man that helped refurbish the Hubble telescope with new parts. He was recognizable from the video about the Hubble telescope. The pictures on the NASA website were enjoyable.
It was also impressive at what was not on the website. All current Internet news agencies are reporting on the love triangle between three astronauts that resulted in a kidnap attempt and assault. NASA has not mentioned this legal issue. NASA should be applauded for their focus on intellectual subjects, instead of rehashing a notorious event.
The NASA website is an excellent source for educators, students, or any interested in space. Everything from shuttle missions to financial reports is available. Private access for employees is also accessible on the website. This website needs to by highly recommend. Read More
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