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The Effect od Digital Devises on the Social Lives of the Community - Research Paper Example

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The author discusses the two reports Stanford University and UCLA. Percentages and the figures clearly indicate the speed that has been attained by the growth of the internet and the speed by which it has reached the users not only within the USA but also around the world. …
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The Effect od Digital Devises on the Social Lives of the Community
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Extract of sample "The Effect od Digital Devises on the Social Lives of the Community"

Download file to see previous pages IT-related innovations and changes are those that are leading towards even more changes as has been seen in case of the entertainment industry as well as the ways in which the information is delivered. In this way, not only the production of these packages is affected but also the ways in which they are produced and consumed. These are only some of the institutions that have been seen to be affected by the IT-related innovations but here the point that needs to be emphasized is the changes in the social lives of the community citizens with an understanding towards the roles that are to be played in the society. Moreover, the political lives and interactions on the political level have also changed.
There have been many arguments in this regard as it has been said that with an addition in the technologies as emails, online discussions as well as the fact availability of information as these are the reason that will lead to the formation of a society that shall be more engaged, more informed as well as a participatory society in which the society members will be more inclined towards the computers as well as the internet. In this kind of society, the human interest, as well as beliefs, is the ones that can be manipulated.
These are all the changes that are to be argued in case of there pros and cons. In this case, there has been no realization as to what can be the meaning deduced from these changes and if these are the positive changes or negative changes as they seem. With this it has to be seen that are the colligated changes as are seen in the community’s social lives are going to bring out any positive effect or any negative effect. As has been discussed there are some changes that are going to be showing their moderate effects as well as there are some changes that will have lesser effects on the social lives still there are many that can have dire consequences.
In this very argument, the main part of the discussion can be the usage of these technologies especially the internet.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effect Od Digital Devises on the Social Lives of the Community Research Paper - 1.
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