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Google Innovation & Technology - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “Google Innovation & Technology” is to analyze Google as perhaps the most innovative of all the websites. It is one of the 5 most popular and well-organized websites on the internet used by millions of people around the globe…
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Google Innovation & Technology
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Download file to see previous pages 50 percent of the audience is from outside the United States and the company is having 5,680 full-time employees working for the betterment of the company, over the years we have seen so many new services started by Google, such as Google Earth, G-Mail, G-Talk, Google Books, Google Cash, Google Desktop, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, and Google Maps. The services that Google is providing is exactly by putting the needs of the customers first, although every website claims to put their customers first but not the case with Google, which doesn't offer anything that is not beneficial to the visitors/users, even the search engine is fast and easily loadable, it doesn't advertise anything that can prove to be distracting the visitors/users and exactly the same way they have taken very good care of small things that can create more value in the eyes of visitors/users, the Google co-founder L. Page has said that "The perfect search engine [Google] would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want", this is clearly showing the signs of highly innovated technology, as the matter of fact, it is Google's goal to provide the visitors/users the information they seek in an absolute form. Google has gained success and popularity in an unusual way, they haven't really done any advertisement of their own and also haven't run any such campaigns, but their success and fame is from the word of mouth, just like from one person to another, another strange thing one can notice about google is the first online company who's stated goal is to have its users leave its website as soon as possible, which means that they want every thing to work fast perhaps just on a click, the time is taken by a query is even less than half a second, Google doesn't rely on big servers in fact they claim to have networked PCs that made their work so fast and innovative, another good thing found in google is that it has used a "Page Rank" technology in their search engine, through this technology they are able to rank websites that are mostly visited by the users for the purpose of information through Google, another technology used by google is "Hypertext-Matching Analysis". ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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