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Select a Public Service or Service Industry. Produce a report on changes in that sector over a period of time' - Assignment Example

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Public Education in England: Changes Through Time Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II.Discussion 4 A. The View of Changes from the Earliest Levels of the Public Education System 4 B. Spending per Student, Changes in Enrollment and Faculty Numbers Through Time 5 C…
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Select a Public Service or Service Industry. Produce a report on changes in that sector over a period of time
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Download file to see previous pages One general way to view the changes in the public education sector of England is to view recent historical figures for spending in the sector, which, while having been on an uptick since the 1950's, is set to reverse course in the medium term, meaning that for the first time in decades spending in public education in England is expected to grow at a slower pace compared to historical averages (Chowdry and Sibieta, 2011): Graph Source: Chowdry and Sibieta, 2011, p. 3 In the plot above, one can see that relative to base figures for the 1955-1956 period, spending for public education in England has grown through time, while it seems to have plateaued somewhat in terms of the share of education in the country income. In both plots what is evident is that spending is expected to decrease moving forward, raising concerns about the impact of the declines on educational outcomes for students in England's educational system. This is one perspective among many, and have political and environmental contexts owing to the fact that the changes in spending have roots in the political and environmental processes in the medium term. The rest of the paper examines these and other changes in the education sector in England through time (Chowdry and Sibieta, 2011; Kwon, 2002; University of London & History of Parliament Trust, 2013; Gillard, 2011). II.Discussion A. The View of Changes from the Earliest Levels of the Public Education System One set of changes through time can be tied to technological developments relating to the understanding of what England needs moving forward and what educators have learned with regard to the need for structure in early education in order to meet England's standards for literacy as well as for numerical competence among the members of the population. The changes tied to this have to do with restructuring the nature of early childhood education, away from traditional structures that allowed for more freedom and less structure in the way young students were molded, to introduce more rigor and a greater focus on specific subject areas to prepare children to face the rigors of a more subject-oriented and less student-oriented educational system. These changes are technological too in the sense that inputs for the changes stem from what can be deemed as technological advances in the understanding of the educational needs of England in general and of a better understanding of how the educational system needs to evolve moving forward, via a greater emphasis on standards for measuring learning outcomes (Kwon, 2002). B. Spending per Student, Changes in Enrollment and Faculty Numbers Through Time The plot below tells a story of the evolution of public education in the recent past, with the teacher to student ratio basically staying the same, but the ratio of teaching assistants plus other supporting staff to students having increased over time, a proxy measure of the positive increase in the amount of resources spent for public education in England. The implication of the plot below is that environmental and political factors should have played into increasing the focus on public education in England through the observation period from 1997 all the way to 2010 (Chowdry and Sibieta, 2011): Graph Source: Chowdry and Sibieta, 2011, p. 8 In light of the above, moreover, the following plot detailing the sustained increase in per capita spending per student across different educational levels in England also make sense, and present a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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