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How Hacking Can be Helpful - Term Paper Example

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How Hacking Can be Helpful Introduction Majority believes that hacking is an unfair activity that primarily intends to intrude into someone’s privacy. However, a hacker is someone with advanced computing skills. Admittedly, many people negatively use hacking techniques to break into the computer systems and the privacy of others without the parties’ knowledge…
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How Hacking Can be Helpful
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Extract of sample "How Hacking Can be Helpful"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, ethical hackers do not delete files, disclose the information to public, or ruin the network once they manage to break into the security. Today corporations widely hire ethical hackers or white hat hackers to check if their security systems are strong enough to prevent strong malicious attacks. Hacking contests like Pwn2Own are organized to identify unknown vulnerabilities in computer networks and security system. It is interesting to note that leading social networks like Facebook and Twitter and search engines like Google and Yahoo offer millions of dollars to hackers who can successfully break into their security. Still some companies are overconfident about the security systems they maintain without knowing the modern tricks in computer hacking. Today it is not necessary for one to sit the whole day at computer to break into the security of an organization because there have been many simple techniques in use. Although the concept of ethical hacking can be helpful for companies to improve their security levels, today hacking techniques are widely used for supporting illegal purposes like credit card fraud and information theft. This paper will describe how hacking can be helpful for companies to improve their operational efficiency. ...
tion of a secure wireless telegraphy technology by John Ambrose Fleming by sending inappropriate Morse code messages with the help of the auditorium’s projector (“A history of hacking”). In 1930s a major hacking event happened when Polish cryptologists Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski, and Jerzy Rozycki hacked the Enigma machine code. In 1960s, university facilities like MIT’s artificial intelligence lab became a hot target for hackers. In 1965, William D. Mathew detected a vulnerability in a Multics CTSS running on an IBM 7094 and he found that this weakness causes to disclose the password file’s contents; and as a result of this flaw, any user logging into this system could see the system CTSS password file’s contents (Baker, “14 Years of SQL Injection..”). During this period, the term ‘hacker’ was used in a positive sense to represent a person with advanced computing skills who could alter computer programs beyond what they were actually designed to perform. Hacking activities became more common with the beginning of 1970s. In early 1970s, an individual named John Draper made a free long distance call by blowing a precise tone into a telephone that commands the system to clear a line (“A history of hacking”). Draper was repeatedly arrested throughout the1970s for telephone tampering. During the same period, the Yippie social movement made arrangements like Technical Assistance Program to back up phone hackers’ efforts to make free long distance calls. Later in this decade, two members from the Homebrew Computer Club of California began making devices called ‘blue boxes’, which were used to intrude into the phone system. The two members earned the handle ‘Berkeley Blue’ (Steve Jobs) and ‘Oak Toebark’ (Steve Wozniak) were the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Hacking Can Be Helpful Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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