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Social, Professional and Ethical Issues in Information System - Literature review Example

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BIS3328 Social, Professional and Ethical Issues in Information Systems Day/time of Seminar ……………….………. Seminar Tutor Name ……………………………………………….…. Lemlem Berhie Samuel Student Number: M00472723 Campus: London Hendon Overseas …………………… School of Science and Technology Dr Penny Duquenoy Analyzing the Social, Professional, and Ethical Issues in Information System Online Banking According to Ian (2009), Online Banking can be defined as ‘the banking activities by the consumers through a secured online Internet system / web portal which is operated by the bank…
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Social, Professional and Ethical Issues in Information System
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Download file to see previous pages This has surely been possible with the advancement in technology. Furthermore, this need was fulfilled by the web and software IT designers in a much effective and functional manner, as explained in the book published by the Center for Financial Training. On the contrary, it is necessary to understand if these software and IT systems are in breach of any of the ethical laws or legal principles set by the governing authorities, or if these IT systems are strong and protective enough to avoid any frauds or theft of the client’s information, data, or belongings since it is the technology that leads towards the secruity violations (Center for Financial Training., 2009). Kondabagil, claims that although, online banking has been claimed as the most secured method by the banking sector but it has been facing ups and down regarding the security and privacy of the client’s data and thefts. ...
Data Protection Act of 1998 According to the Data Protection Act of 1998, the British Government has provided a detailed list of the provisions that comes under the Act. From ‘Right to Access Personal Data’ to ‘Code of Practice’, ‘Restrictions’ and ‘Penalties’, every topic has been discussed to minimize chances of confusion regarding fraud data usage (Legislation.Gov.UK, 1998). This may help the online banking services and the IT systems that are designed for it. For example, if stricter laws will be applied and handsome penalties and punishments will be given to the accused then he or she will think twice before violating any law or regulation or conducting any ATM crime (Quinn, 2010). Relationship between Privacy and Online Banking There are numerous issues regarding privacy and online banking, which has shown the failure of the IT systems. These issues have given rise to different social, professional and ethical problems in the society. In legal terms, these issues have also violated many regulations, laws, and principles, which are solely designed as a guideline for online social, professional, and legal ethics. Because of this percentage of e-crime in different countries is increasing enormously. According to ‘The 2013 Identity Fraud Report’ issued by the ‘Javelin Strategy and Research’ it was revealed that more than $21 Billion have been stolen through different online fraud cases in banks. Different categories of online banking had been the victim of IT malfunction or ATM theft. It was reported that 5.26% of U.S. adults are affected every year because of this issue. These IT issues vary from social to ethical and legal aspects while talking about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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