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Analysis of TOGAF to either DoDAF or FEAF Overview of Enterprise Architecture Framework Enterprise Architecture Framework (EA) is a tool that describes how to create as well as to use the enterprise architecture. It is a significant tool that is implemented to design architectural structures in organizations by isolating the architecture depiction into several spheres, layers or other views…
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Analysis of TOGAF to either DoDAF or FEAF
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Download file to see previous pages These components are further implemented by the various widely used EA frameworks in organizations among which FEAF, TOGAF and ZACHMAN are prime examples (Bente, Bombosch & Langade, 2012). This study deals with the analysis of two vital EA frameworks i.e. FEAF and TOGAF. Similarity amid FEAF and TOGAF Both The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) frameworks are framed with the intention to enhance the architectural efficiency of companies which would further enable efficient execution of organizational strategies. Another similarity between the two frameworks is that both of them share common EA features and terms within each other. Application of these two frameworks with certain similar concepts of EA will further ensure that there is an agreement among the decision makers in any business organization with regard to dealing with the objectives, requirements as well as processes of the business with the help of advanced technologies. Additionally, these similar EA features in the two frameworks would further assure that decisions related to the investments on technology in any business are taken efficiently. It has been noted that inefficient decision making in this aspect is viewed to harm various the objectives and priorities of organizations (TCRP, 2011). Furthermore, it has also been noted that both FEAF and TOGAF ascribed similar guidance in terms of architectural viewpoints. This aspect further addresses that both the frameworks provide similar directions to the organizations with regard to structuring their enterprise architecture (The Open Group, 2007). Moreover, it has also been analyzed that the rows of the FEAF framework more or less correlate with the rows of the matrix of the TOGAF framework. This similarity between the two frameworks further depicts that both are intended towards dividing architectural description into various crucial layers which are documented in the later stage in a more simplified manner (The Open Group, 2013). Difference between FEAF and TOGAF From the above analysis, it is apparent that both the frameworks i.e. FEAF and TOGAF share certain common features as well as targets between each other. However, it would also be vital to mention that both the frameworks (i.e. FEAF and TOGAF) are developed with diverse intentions which further depict certain inherent changes in their process of working, their ability to ascertain effective results along with their process of implementation among others. Contextually, one of the primary differences between the two frameworks is the aspect that both are controlled by different operators. The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) is operated under the framework of Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF) while the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) is developed by the Chief Information Officers (CIO) in the United States Federal Council. This difference in operational ownership can be vindicated from the fact that FEAF is developed by the US Federal Council which maintains as well as facilitates incorporated systems of architectures within the federal agency. On the other hand, TOGAF focuses on ascertaining good and simplified principles instead of offering a set of complex architecture principles within diverse business units. Additionally, it has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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