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Needs Document, Use Cases, and Scenarios Name Institution Introduction Riordan Manufacturing has put a service request for the entire manufacturing sites to get an overview about all obtainable software applications in Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, Legal and Information Technology…
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Download file to see previous pages The need of ERP SAP system is a need of most of Riordan dealers and customers with which Riordan would be capable to exchange logistic and investment files for application of Electronic Data Interchange(EDI). This would simplify the procedure of data exchange and lessen high costs of printing and documents mailing. Problem Statement To incorporate their complex operations as well as create a better more receptive and proficient information technology. Project Goals To integrate the functioning of various departments and work locations by providing a common software platform which will acts as a common information system for the entire organization? The Project purpose is to alleviate the warehouse management system to allow easy purchase and recording of transactions. Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) gives efficient solutions to how the company controls its inventory and manufacturing procedures. Raw materials receiving, production, and the end product distribution are the three sections of inventory and manufacturing processes. Improvements in each of these sections will necessitate updating or fresh implementation of a computer system that will ensure accuracy, bestow unrivaled customer service, and most of all save the corporation money and time. Riordan existing system is a seven step procedure that includes a different document for each step. These procedures are costly and time consuming, which deter future growth toward expanding into an international organization. They include: Scheduled orders documentation; Receiving documentation; Raw materials or sub-assemblies documentation; Orders received documentation; Sub-assembly and end-product documentation; Sales order form procedures and Shipping documentation. Along with each of these procedures an inventory personnel is responsible inputting the information into a database or computer, which could imaginably be taken as 14 separate procedures. Through broad study, the research team believes that Riordan inventory and manufacturing procedure would be greatly enhanced by employing a Warehouse Management System, also known as WMS. According to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expertise this system gives all subsections inside a venture. Project benefits A Warehouse Management System helps every division within the factory instantly and effortlessly to recover any and all essential records, shipping and receiving information. Riordan Manufacturing Company declares in the mission proclamation that one of the company’s goals is to make its commodities available to clients. Riordan Manufacturing will fruitfully achieve the goal of making the company’s products available to customers by employing the use of shipping tag printers, hand held computer devices and an Intelli Track Software system with the ability of printing. An Intelli Track Software system would link the whole corporation through a LAN. Production will be hugely increased through the improvement of real time once this streamline is applied. Having innovative functioning methods will give management a clear, imminent vision on how to give superior traceability. In terms of the end product distribution, an Order Fulfillment System or OFS will vastly advance any system that helps in fulfilling a client order. Implementation of an OFS normally comprises a WHS. An OFS is a technology that re-palletizes and de-palletizes commodities for delivery to a sales center. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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