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E-commerce project - Essay Example

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Web sites are most crucial tools a company must possess in order to ensure their survival in business. In this report, we focus on the details that the company’s website will focus on in order to ensure the intended results to the company…
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E-commerce project
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"E-commerce project"

Download file to see previous pages It is evident that many companies now realize the importance of websites as a tool to gain market share and improve sales. Most flourishing companies like unique home decor, Paul Michael company, Bensons would not have reached the places they are without their websites (BAJAJ, 2005).The Martha Stewart management structure consists of activities such as the allocation of tasks, supervision and coordination, which are directed towards the accomplishment of the aims of the company. The company structure mainly participates in the accomplishment of the company goals this is because the company has several dedicated employees whose main agenda is to assist the company to achieve his company's goals. Martha Stewart has several supervisor is in each and every department, this ensures the employees work up to the required standard. This contributes to the making of designing high quality decor products because the management has catered everything governing the employees work. The company uses various business models to make it distinct from other companies. The business models also help to describe the organizational architecture of capture mechanisms, delivery which are employed by the company's enterprise. The company has applied business models such as, collecting intelligence, user generated content, and improving the available systems. It also uses transport services such as airline and private courier services to ensure their products are available all over the continent. The goals of the business are primarily marketing the products on sale and making sure they increase their profits though online sale and delivery. The company also seeks to be capable of running consumer satisfaction surveys so as to assist they gauge their progress. Finally, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the company becomes a reputable and among the most respected and successful in this field of business. Supply chain underscores on cutting down of resources and various expences inorder to improve their bottom lines with more effective supply chains. In order for companies, to be the best and out do its competitors in the market it has to define the most effective supply chain. This would improve how the business operates, in fact the supply chains do work well with the ERP systems which are involved in conducting various business activities, which include production planning and customer service which are not part of the supply chains. Technology plays a main role in the accomplishment of the supply chain concept pre-dates the internet, and they use web based application and communication can it truly reach its fully potential. The website will, therefore, be designed so as to make sure the company achieves most of its goals in the most efficient way possible. The website will become a partial platform for the marketing department. This is because many people nowadays depend on the internet for many things, making it an easier place to access customers. The products will be marketed by posting them on the website and giving information on the latest home decors awaiting release and those already in the market. In order to enhance marketing, the company will have to alias with the most visited websites and have accounts in social platforms such as Facebook, linked in, twitter and MySpace among others. Secondly the company will should be able to give customers the ability to purchase items and request them to get delivered to supported locations. The products shall be priced ant the availability of a customer to purchase the items collectively using a virtual card. This will allow them to shop for many products easily. The third aspect of this website is customer support. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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