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A Study of Performances Improvement on IT Project Management Workers ..A Case Study of China's C Information Technologies Co - Dissertation Example

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PERFORMANCE MPROVEMENT ON IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORKERS Name of of Instructor Name of Institution Abstract A case study of China’s C Information Technologies Ltd is used within this study which is aimed at determining performance improvement within the company’s IT project management staff…
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A Study of Performances Improvement on IT Project Management Workers ..A Case Study of Chinas C Information Technologies Co
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, Maslow’s motivational theory is used in understanding the motivation for improved performance within C Information Technologies Ltd. More importantly, the evaluation and discussion of factors affecting the performance of individuals and the strategies used by companies to improve performance are analysed and discussed within the paper. Introduction and Background The human resource function of contemporary organizations has revealed an increased focus on performance management for IT employees. Wikina (2008, p. 19) explains that this is attributed to the increased competitiveness within various markets and the changes in work activities which emanate from the advancement of information and communication technology. Performance management involves employee evaluation within the IT department which acts as a guideline for the needs of employees for skills, knowledge and abilities that will allow them to improve their productivity and performance at the work place (Gheorghe & Hack, 2007, p. 17). China is a very competitive and rapidly growing economy especially within the IT sector. In addition, companies operating in China have experienced tremendous changes in the recent past which are related to the changing business environment and the demand for IT expertise. It is because of these challenges that most organizations and companies within China have demonstrated an increased regard for performance improvement for IT staff through employee development and training. This paper presents a report on the investigation on performance improvement among IT project management workers within C Information Technologies Ltd. The Chinese company acts as a case study for this investigation which is aimed at achieving a deeper understanding of the process of performance management as it is applicable within this company. More specifically, the study will achieve an analysis and evaluation of the characteristics of the company’s IT staff such as skills and attitudes towards work. This analysis will be conjugated with a study on the various factors which affect the performance of the C Information Technologies Ltd.’s IT staff with a view of determining the need for improvement. Furthermore the paper explores past literature on the topic to analyse and discuss the factors affecting performance management and the best strategies of improving the performance of the IT project workers within the IT industry. More significantly though is the fact that this study applies scientific methodology approach in meeting the following research questions and objectives. Objectives of the Study 1. To explore upon the theoretical framework on incentives and motivation of IT project staff which contributes to improved performance 2. To find out the important factors which affect job performance of IT project staff 3. To determine the most effective techniques and strategies in performance management which will improve the performance of IT project staff within C Information Technologies Ltd. Research Questions 1. What are the performance characteristics of IT project staff within C Information Technologies Ltd? 2. What theoretical framework describes the motivations and incentives behind the level of performance among the c C Information Tec ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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