How can education and industry fight the emergency of war driving Should home users have the same concerns - Essay Example

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How can education and industry fight the emergency of war driving? Should home users have the same concerns? War driving is the act of searching for an open wireless Internet by an individual in a vehicle, using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and portable computer…
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How can education and industry fight the emergency of war driving Should home users have the same concerns
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"How can education and industry fight the emergency of war driving Should home users have the same concerns"

Added to these considerations is the recognition that in many instances war driving extends beyond the simple act of accessing open Internet accounts, but also involves accessing unencrypted data on the specific network. In this way the individual or individuals engaging in war driving are potentially able to access sensitive information or cause damage to the accessed network. Added to these considerations is the recognition that few individuals are aware that war driving is a regular practice. With these understandings in mind it is necessary for education and industry to fight the emergence of this practice. Additionally, home users should be made aware. Because of the relative unfamiliarity with war driving practices, many organizations take minimal preventative steps. For these reasons war drivers are able to gain easy access. Subsequently, if an organization takes even low-level security measures they can prevent the occurrence of many war drivers. There are a number of overarching methods that education and industry can use to defend against war driving. One of the first steps that should be taken is to ensure that the SSID is not broadcast. The first element that war drivers search for is the SSID, so but ensuring that this is not broadcast will require war drivers to go to great lengths to access the network (Anderson, 2008). Additionally, it’s necessary for businesses or individuals to change their SSID from the factory default, as this will further limit war driver’s access to the network. While changing the SSID can greatly limit the access war driver’s are able to attain, in some instances this does not go far enough in entirely restricting access. As such, it is necessary to enact further security measures. A major security measure that should be implemented is ensuring that the wireless network is password protected. In addition to ensuring the network is password protected it’s necessary to encrypt the wireless connection. For household users who generally purchase moderately priced routers, WEP encryption is usually the only option. For larger institutions or business, however, there is the option of implementing EAP encryption. EAP encryption is more secure than WEP encryption and should be implemented when there is sensitive information contained on the computers. For institutions or businesses that have sensitive information on the wireless network there are even further steps that can be implemented to ensure war drivers are not able to access the network. One prominent strategy that has been implemented in organizations is filtering. By filtering the MAC addresses that are allowed to connect to the router, an organization can greatly limit war driver’s access. Still, there is the potential that a war driver can sniff traffic and detect the MAC address; however, this process takes considerable time (Tsow, 2011). Another major consideration involves file configuration. If an organization configures files on a network it is necessary to ensure that these files are password protected. If two computers on a network share files without password protection, this opens a door for war drivers to gain access. While the aforementioned steps will greatly limit the potential of war drivers gaining access to the network, it is recognized that there are always technological ways to bypass security. Because of the challenges of keeping up with technology, organization’ Read More
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How Can Education and Industry Fight the Emergency of War Driving Essay.
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