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Department of Fisheries Decision Support System (DSS) - Research Paper Example

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Department of fisheries Decision Support System (DSS) Name Number Course Tutor Date Introduction The data and information concerning fisheries in the department is very essential for a country to exploit and manage fish products sustainably. In every country, there is a body which is responsible for collecting and packaging the information…
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Department of Fisheries Decision Support System (DSS)
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Download file to see previous pages Monitoring the changes in the way the activities related to fishing is very essential for a country to fully explore the resource. In most countries the organizations that are given the responsibility to handle and overlook on the fisheries activities faces difficulties in managing the information concerning the subject. Information about different features of fishing is handled in different section in the department (Anand, & Singh, 2006). To ensure that the storage of this information is fully integrated. The department needs a system that will integrate the different systems that are used in different section to handle this information. As such the most appropriate system that can ensure that the detailed data concerning fisheries can be stored effectively and accurately is data warehousing system. The idea of data warehousing is derived from database management as a tool for knowledge management. Data warehouse is a database which stores the organization information that is gathered from different sources. The storage of such information is centralized. The information concerning different sections of a department is merged and stored in a standard format on a database. Technology used To build an effective data warehousing system, there is need for a data mart. The best software that can be used to develop this is Microsoft SQL server 2008. ...
The information that will be stored in this data warehouse will provide the department with evidence-based centralized data that can be retrieved and used to produce a report. The errors that accrue due to data not being consistence are eliminated. In addition, the long process of processing this data to come up with a reconciled report is also eliminated. More so, the report that is produced from analyzing this data is of high quality. The process of getting the data from the system is also simplified (Trevor, 2010). In a decision support process that uses data from data warehousing system, the people concern can come up with queries and report that originate from themselves. The capability of the system to display the information in a manner that the user can recognize and make use of it with a lot of simplicity is something that cannot be undermined. In general, the process of retrieving the data from the system is shortened and at the same time it is user friendly. Another advantage with data warehousing is the fact that the data that is found in the system is clean and can be trusted. This means that the confidentiality, accuracy and integrity of such data are guaranteed. In addition, the ability of Microsoft SQL servers to store a massive volume of data makes it possible for trend analysis. Scope of the problem The department has the responsibility of coming up with detailed report of the findings they get after completing a field trip. In addition, they are also supposed to give a report after three months and at the end of the year. This report entails all the tasks that are carried out I a particular period and also there is the policy information that goes to the stakeholders. The information system that the department uses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Department of Fisheries Decision Support System (DSS) Research Paper)
Department of Fisheries Decision Support System (DSS) Research Paper.
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