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Summary 3.0 and NeoOffice 3.0 as possible alternatives to Microsoft Office 2010 Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction A recent surge in technological advancements in software development has seen a need for better software solutions and utilities on which the end users can launch their program needs, it is against this background that Open Source Software (OSS) has developed to far more reaching heights and familiarity among software users…
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Open Source Software
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Download file to see previous pages (Wheeler) Several peer-reviewed literatures suggest that using the OSS programs in many cases offers superior user interface and approach in contrast to their proprietary competitors. (Wheeler) Even with the above background review, many software users still are unaware of the very many user options that this utility presents. It is against this information that this paper examines two open source software (Neo Office 3.0 and Open Office) solutions as an alternative to Microsoft office 2010 applications. The paper examines the Open Source Software. The discussion compares the Open Source Software on grounds of the platform on which they are available, their affordability, available technical support, major features to meet the standards of a commercial product and arguments for and against the Open Source Software as a Commercial alternative to Microsoft Office 2010. Wheeler suggests that whatever the program, there are universal procedures for their evaluation. These steps are; identification of the candidates, examining existing literature reviews, applicability of the desired program to one’s personal needs, and analysis of the top candidates. Wheeler sums up the four sequential steps as “IRCA”; identify, review, compare and analyze. (Wheeler) Review of Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office is a commercial workplace utility quite popular with most workplaces. The Office 2010 has a ribbon interface modification different from the traditional Office 2003 interface, additionally it has a file menu back into the tool bar making it easier to save and open files. Minimal system requirements for the program include 700MHz and a 512MB RAM with windows 7, XP or vista to be fully functional. Microsoft Office enjoys unlimited technical support: Microsoft Company, people with licenses from Microsoft, professional call centers and numerous books and websites that offer on time assistance to users with tips on configuration, modification and using Microsoft Office with free resources especially for non-profit uses. Document sharing is simplified for this program because Microsoft has created standard file formats such as .doc, .docx. (For word) and .xls (for excel files). Microsoft also has enabled easier remote access using “Skydive” with standard file security if procedures adhered through allowing users to install Microsoft updates; firewalls, antivirus management and antispyware (Bonfield and Quinn). Equally, through the utilization of Microsoft outlook users are able to receive and send emails from Microsoft office. Other in built features includes; grammar checking, view document options, and pre-posted document formatting. (Bonfield and Quinn) Review of alternative Open Source Software to Microsoft Office 2010 3.1 is the latest version of with the former being 3.0. The is versatile with Windows, Mac, Linux, and free suite being a preferred alternative to Microsoft Office suite. Additionally it is able to read and write to Microsoft Office supported formats and supports the Open Document Format (ODF) 1.2 standard. The suite is inbuilt with a word processing application, spreadsheet, presentations, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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