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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-Source Software - Term Paper Example

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The author of this essay discusses the idea of openness in the area of software, especially for the companies which are involved in purchasing of hardware and software. The author also details the advantages and disadvantages of open-source software. …
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-Source Software
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Extract of sample "Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-Source Software"

Download file to see previous pages Openness is one of the most important aspects of today’s lives.  From the sphere of politics to the area of canned food and its ingredients, openness plays a major role.  As the years' progress, the technology around us keeps proliferating, touching our lives in the way we communicate, create, share, vote and much more. Therefore evaluating technological openness becomes imperative for institutions such as bureaucratic, participatory, hierarchical and autonomy-maximizing can exist seamlessly in the open framework. An open society will also allow individuals and groups to voluntarily choose to submit themselves to arrangements which are more restrictive. Such arrangements can include private communities, clubs and corporate entities. Openness in business and technological organizations also allow an organizational structure which is more rigid and which allows an individual to leave the organization when he or she wants. Hence, by encouraging exploration and innovation, openness in software and hardware companies help in a better performance.
Extropy is basically the idea which states that human endeavors, human organizations, and technologies will eventually expand throughout the universe in an orderly manner. Societies which are fundamentally extropic in nature generally facilitate the exchange of ideas and the liberty to criticize an experiment. It is known to all that protecting and forcing bad ideas onto others can be as detrimental as the bad idea itself. Evolutionary ideas and ideas which are flexible can only emerge when critical selection and individuals creation is encouraged by society. Thus, the freedom of expression in a society which is open can be only protected by a social order which encourages exchanges and voluntary relationships. For the increase and propagation of such social orders, people try to prevent the self-imposed authoritative stance of organizations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-Source Software Term Paper.
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