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Group Meeting Minutes - Essay Example

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Overview The group after discussions decided to look at a fitness centre as the case study where the centre wants to improve the services they offer to customers. The organization wants to upgrade their system in order to provide technologically sophisticated members cards among other issues…
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Group Meeting Minutes
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"Group Meeting Minutes"

Download file to see previous pages UML were used to describe the current system on how it operates. Use case were in this study used to demonstrate this below are the minutes of the group that took place while looking at this case study. Further consultations about the group activities were done via social media where we created a group page on Facebook. Members with issues, suggestions could raise it here before or after the meeting. [Inception Phase Meeting 1] [ Group Name] Date: 5/31/2015 Location: Lab Group Members Present: Abdu, chairperson Benjamin, Benson, Emily assistant chairperson Fatima Hassan, Jason, Jennifer, Joseph, Karen organizing secretary to the group Shirntel 1. First Agenda Item The first meeting was held in a class with an aim of Identifying the need or usefulness of a project. The group members were to establish the following a. Establish a vision for the solution or enhancements planned b. Develop a business case statement for the project Decision(s): 1. The group agreed on a project which is a Fitness Centre that is planning to upgrade it information system to have modern and up-to-date cards for its members and backup procedures for its data. The group was to evaluate the current system what it does with an aim of proposing an appropriate upgraded system for the clients. 2. The vision for the project was established which was To Provide Better Services to the Clients. 2. Second Agenda Item Members sought to establish the requirements and the scope of the project which they had decided to undertake. The agenda was to: 1. Initial list of requirements 2. Identify scope or boundary of the new system or system enhancement Decision(s): a) The listed the initial requirements of the project as: i. Having the knowledge of the previous system, how the customers accomplish their tasks using the system. ii. Having the estimated time for the installing of the new project iii. Having possible tasks that will take place iv. Cost estimations from the time, tasks and what is already available. How will the new system improve service satisfaction to the members and how will the staff benefit from the new system. 3. Third Agenda Item Develop preliminary schedules indicating areas of individual interests Decision(s): b) The following schedules and individual tasks were established Task Assigned Individual Responsible Additional Information Requirement engineering Benson, Jennifer Analyzing the user requirements Feasibility study Jennifer, Karen Study if the system is doable System analysis Jason, Emily & Benson Analyse the current system and define the system requirements according to priority Scheduling of the tasks to be done Joseph, Abdu, Hassan, Fatima Looking at what the group should do. UML designs Karen, Emily & Shirntel Design the system basing on the methodology(incremental) Looking the benefits of the new system Abdul, Benjamin, Emily Looking at the cons and pros of the proposed system in terms of cost and services delivery Presentation of the analysis to the tutor/class All the team members The findings of the current and proposed systems Minutes prepared by: [Karen / Date ] Minutes Approved: [Abdul , signature] [Inception Phase Meeting 2] [ Group Name] Date: 5/31/2015 Location: Lab Group Members Present: Abdu, chairperson Benjamin, Benson, Emily assistant chairperson Fatima Hassan, Jason, Jennifer, Joseph, Karen organizing secretary to the group Shirntel 1. First Agenda Item Notes: the main objective of this second meeting was to allocate responsibilities to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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