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Development and Research Skills: A Dissertation on Satellite image Classification - Essay Example

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The study of image classification is a crucial undertaking as it assigns data items into groups or classes that elaborate certain scientific concepts like spectral information that is inherent in the image…
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Development and Research Skills: A Dissertation on Satellite image Classification
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Download file to see previous pages This research study has several aims that try to ascertain and investigate the relevance and progress of image classification through the use of algorithmic concept of remote sensing. Through the understanding of ground calibration targets, the correction of satellite sensor data with regard to optical regions is enhanced (Mountrakis 2008). Through the processes of selecting suitable targets, subjective and time proves to be a task. Therefore, as a researcher, improving the concept of image classification is highly critical as it perfects the approaches and techniques of image processing; the understanding of the probable working ways of satellite image classification is a crucial undertaking. Looking at the specific aims and their objectives regarding the research study, the followed can be deduced.
The first aim regards the understanding of the concept behind image classification, which is critical, with regard to this research study as the researcher was able to ascertain the background information regarding the developments made, as well as comprehends them. This critically initiates a research interest in trying to ascertain the objectivity behind the concept of using satellite image observation. Satellite image classification is critical in the sense that it helps bring to focus scientific observations that could not have been observed by the researcher (Mountrakis et al. 2009). The images under focus are presented without necessarily coming into contact with the object. Having understood the concept, the researcher gets the contextual nature and basis to devise and recommend for crucial improvements within the field of satellite image classification....
2009). The images under focus are presented without necessarily coming into contact with the object. Having understood the concept, the researcher gets the contextual nature and basis to devise and recommend for crucial improvements within the field of satellite image classification. The second aim of this research study incorporates the review of issues hindering the progress to achieving success satellite image classification even with the most distant objects. A clear example is the observation of terrestrial bodies and natural satellites. Failure to obtain clear images leads to poor interpretation of the data imagery. According to Reusch (1999), firstly, analysis of the data influence regarding representation and cluster determination methods are crucial in classification accuracy. Therefore, the mode of data collection significantly contributes towards the kind of image that is to be classified (Benediktsson et al. 1990). With a clear understanding of the hindrances to effective data classification, researchers can amount to coming up with effective modes of image classification like improved satellite devices to enhance imagery (Weber 2006). Lastly, future advances of image classification are intensely critical in the research field; therefore, this research study aims at ascertaining the probable advances that are imperative with current global advancement. Flowchart representation of the specific aims and their objectives regarding the aims to be met REVIEW OF CURRENT STATE OF PROPOSED AREA Image classification has made considerable progress with regard to the techniques and approaches applied. Designs of automated systems dedicated to satellite image classification have been given ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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