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Discovery rules - Research Paper Example

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Discovery Rules [Name] [Institution] Outline Introduction Discussion A forensic plan and e-evidence acquisition strategy that can be approved by EU legal representative Detailed evidence collection, preservation, and transport procedures to ensure that the EU legal representatives will approve the forensics plan Conclusion References Discovery Rules Introduction With the quick changing cyber techniques, more forensic examiners find themselves aiding with challenges, feedbacks as well as litigation support for their employers…
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Discovery rules
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Extract of sample "Discovery rules"

Download file to see previous pages Although this e- discovery technique strategic move is to be implemented, it does not entirely represent a complete turn from the digital forensic but rather it is a way of natural merger scheme. Thus, this strategy involves the utilization of both techniques to achieve a more effective strategy. This will enable a complete focus on the law, policy enforcement as well as the forensic examination. The European Union needs the implementation of strategies that prevent and further control organized crimes for the future development of the union and its member states (Brown, 2003). Discussion The necessity for apt identification, analysis and significant investigation of electronic media has never been extra vital. The forever-changing risk environment accessible by cyber illegally and technical advances has essential modern analytical processes to impact on scene forensic. Investigators encounter a lot of confrontations for confining unpredictable data, conserving possible evidence and upholding the reliability of the electronic offense sight while guaranteeing the record remains feasible and available for more analytical efforts. The accomplishment of these procedures is calculated in minutes and not days. The Cyber Forensic ground procedure recommends onsite or ground advancement for supplying the identification, investigation and interpretation of digital verification in a small moment, without the prerequisite of having to acquire the scheme back to the laboratory for a thorough inspection or attaining an absolute forensic representation. The proposed form sticks to normally held forensic ethics, and does not counteract the capacity that once the original field trial is accomplished, the system storage device is to be transported back to a laboratory setting for a more systematic assessment and analysis. The CFFTPM has more over been regarded to be successfully employed in diverse genuine world cases and its analytical significance and practical approach has also been sufficiently verified. Furthermore, the derived proof from these cases has not yet been confronted in the court procedures where it has been initiated (Blakeslee, 2010). The forensic information is collected using the device SSD. This device utilizes silicon chips to store the forensic data of an individual. Furthermore, the machine is accountable for the dispensation data using its individual processor. For the forensic field, this device has a great impact because it can start running software routines on the data stored when supplied with power. Additionally, the device is very fast in implementing its task. It further has got more immunity to the shock and also the magnetism effect. The data can further be used as proof throughout court investigation. This device further ensures easy and quick delivery of the records to the required destination. It further guarantees safety and confidentiality of the forensic data. The procedures followed during the collection of the forensic data, its preservation and moreover its transportation follows a set of policy and regulation. Thus, it guarantees confidentiality and privacy as it moves from the EU to United States (Roper & Jopling, 2010). Meanwhile, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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