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Microsoft vs. Apple OS - Research Paper Example

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Operating systems handles the details of the interaction between the user and the hardware.The operating systems are generally used in nearly all computing devices ranging from desktop computers to video games.There basically two prominent operating systems that exist for various functions and professionals…
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Microsoft vs. Apple OS
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Extract of sample "Microsoft vs. Apple OS"

Download file to see previous pages Operating systems handles the details of the interaction between the user and the hardware. The operating systems are generally used in nearly all computing devices ranging from desktop computers to video games. There basically two prominent operating systems that exist for various functions and professionals; Microsoft windows and the Apple operating system. Depending on the function, the two operating systems exhibit some dissimilarity. For example, for architects and landscape architects, Microsoft windows has traditionally been one of the dominant operating system as it is compatible with a variety of programs relevant to the field such as the Autodesk AutoCAD (Cantrell & Michaels CHAP 1). The operating system OS X and Windows are two different types of operating systems that are created by Apple and the Microsoft companies respectively. The operating system OS X will run on Apple hardware only otherwise referred to as Mac computers, but Windows operating system will run on almost any compatible hardware referred to as PC computers as well as those produced by Apple organization. Most people who prefer the Apple Mac computers operating on the apple OS X platform argue that Mac accessories are more reliable, that is, they are less prone to program crashing or unexpected shut-downs than PCs which operate on the Microsoft windows platform. However, this remains to a matter to be debated upon by proponents of both operating systems. According to a consumer report survey of laptop computers for the year 2008, two computer gadgets emerged out as the best laptop brands (Peterka pp17-19). These were Mac manufactured by Apple and the Lenovo which incidentally runs on the Microsoft windows operating system. But of the two, Lenovo had a better score than the former in terms of reliability. The Mac on the contrary also recorded a higher score than Lenovo in terms client service and satisfaction. Arguments have therefore erupted as to which operating system is more superior to the other. Microsoft windows operating system on the other hand, is a computer software developed by the Microsoft corporation. It is indeed among the leading personal computing platform. The organization’s nature of allowing for the licensing of its windows software products to some firms that have been in the computer manufacturing business, has been the key factor that has seen to Microsoft domination in the computer market. In most cases, Microsoft windows has work in hand in hand with other giant computer manufacturing firms such as HP, Toshiba, Dell and many others. They have availed some of their hardware to virtually all computer users owing to their high compatibility with a variety of computer sets (Silverman pp5-10). The ease of availability of Microsoft products has therefore means that the organization greatly benefits from economies of scale in a way that the cost of these products becomes less expensive. This consequently implies that Microsoft operating system based computer products are affordable and easily accessible when compared to the Apple Macs. The affordability of Microsoft products has also been associated with certain stumbling blocks. For instance, through Microsoft’s ever willingness to partner with virtually any party intending to do computer related business activities, the company is therefore usually obliged to carry out all that is within its premise to ascertain that their clients are able to get a Microsoft software that is compatible with the new hardware that the partner company is manufacturing. This might the cost the company a great deal in terms of constant updating of its products which may put the Microsoft Corporation at a shear point of bloating. Also, Microsoft operating system has won the favor of the majority of people owing to the fact that more often than not, it usually ensures that its even its newer operating system can still be compatible even with the older operating system. However, but just like other case, this has also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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