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Evolution of video gaming and computer networking - Research Paper Example

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Surprisingly, video gaming did not attain a mainstream popularity until sometimes in between 1970s and 1980s when game consoles, home computer games, and arcade video became available to the public. This paper will seek to provide a basic analysis of evolution of video gaming and computer networking…
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Evolution of video gaming and computer networking
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Download file to see previous pages This happened because terminals were able to connect to their host computers through a leased telephone line or dial up. Due to the increased remote access, scientists created “host based” games wherein users connected to a central computer through a remote system played singly. Soon after, there came multiplayer games. In 1967, a Sanders Associate by the name Ralph Baer put into writing the first video game called “Chase” that played on a television set (Allen & Denton, 2010). As time went by, computer-networking technology started maturing as in the 1970s, there were introductions of packet based computer technology. As such, in 1971, Nolan Bushnell in association with Ted Danby came up with the first arcade game, which was a Computer Space game and based on Space War earlier created by Steve Russell. A year later, (1972) Nolan Bushnell and his associate completed the creation of the arcade game Pong with the support of Al Alcorn and started the Atari Computers the same year (Jason, 2004). The first operators of the arcade included Larry Kerecman. In his memoirs, Larry wrote that, the brilliance and the most astonishing fact about the arcade game was that Nolan and the Company took what Russell programmed in his game Space War and transformed it into a much simpler version of the game without gravity by use of hard-wired logic circuits (Wallace, 2007). Ideally, the circuits printed on the boards of these games composed of electronics that used integrated circuits commonly referred to as “small scale integrated circuits”. Creation of Ethernet Years between 1973 and 1975 witnessed, the creation of Xerox PARC developed on a Local Area Network that based on Ethernet hence allowed the creation of Local Area Networks founded on...
Currently, there are considerable eight generations of video game consoles whereby the sixth, the seventh, and the eighth are as of today ongoing. The history of human-computer interaction has its beginnings written in the 1950s. In the year 1952, S. Douglas acquired his PhD degree at the Cambridge University and wrote a book on Human-Computer interaction. The first version of graphical computer game that Douglas created was the Tic Tack Toe. He programmed the game on an EDSAC vacuum tube computer that contained a cathode ray tube display.
In the midst of 1980s, video games evolution bred systemic characteristics, which led to the release of video games such as Battle Zone, Bards Tale, and Zork. The 1990s was video computer’s golden age as it gave birth to a huge number of game publishers and developers such as Electronic Arts, Activism, id Software and Blizzard. From a graphics and design point of imaging, the evolution of video games was great and continues to be greater.
Today there is up to the eight generation of video games and computer networking. The latest generations of consoles has seen online gaming rise to prominence with the introduction of mobile games that made it possible for gamers to access video games anywhere anytime just by touching a button. As the motion control revolutionized game play, Nintendo capitalized on casual gaming and as time went by, cloud computing came to video gaming. Technology made it clear that people could play without controllers on November 4 2010 with the release of Kinect in the Northern America. After the release of play station Vita, Nintendo released an official statement that announced a system aimed at succeeding Wii called project café. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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