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More specifically addressing computer Networking, the report revolves around the core concept of the said issue. The report also addresses the technical concepts of implementing computer networking and also emphasizes…
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Computer networking
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Download file to see previous pages The connectivity that has connected individuals in the present digital age has become possible due the linking together of computing devices.
Technically advanced devices and their increasing usability have assisted in connectivity among individuals. Communication and connectivity have never been as easy as they are today. Neither is it required to get into the hassle of arranging hardware for establishing connectivity nor is it as timely as it used to be just about a decade back. There are several means by which connectivity may be maintained. The basis of it all however lies in the fact that it mainly is computer networking that enables the establishment of this connectivity.
The establishment of connection between two or more computing devices is referred to as Computer networking. This network among computing devices may be established via either local area networks or Wide Area Networks. The connection may either be wired or un-wired. The unwired connections are referred to as Wireless Networks.
The computing devices that are part of a network are said to be its units. The most suitable and feasible of networks is the Local Area Network. Once the LAN has been set up, the proposition of converting it into its better WLAN form become comparatively easier.
Computing resources that are present within a physical boundary over a small area can be connected together via hardwired physical connections. It is this type of a hard wired connection which is referred to as a Local Area Network.
“Universal components consist of the physical media that connect devices, interfaces on the individual devices that connect to the media, protocols that transmit data across the network, and software that negotiates, interprets, and administers the network and its services.” (Knowledgebase, 2012)
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