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Berchtold Corporation: Information System Strategy - Essay Example

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BERCHTOLD CORPORATION: INFORMATION SYSTEM STRATEGY Instructor Institution Date Appropriate IT projects for Berchtold Corporation In accordance to the strategic and tactical objectives of Berchtold Corporation, various IT projects have to be implemented under different portfolios so that the company will be able to achieve its objectives in the most effective and efficient manner…
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Berchtold Corporation: Information System Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages More importantly the company will be able to engage all stakeholders including the management, employees, suppliers, distributors and customers into healthy business relationships. This would be achieved through implementation of an ERP system and thus achievement of uniformity in hardware and software configurations, platforms and architectures within the company’s business functions. In return the company will achieve enhanced coordination through effective communication and exchange of data and information. Creation of an intranet within Berchtold Corporation business operations is another appropriate approach in ensuring that the company achieves its tactical objective of enhancing efficiency of business operation. Creation of an intranet means that the company has to adopt and implement local networking information systems in its business operations. In this sense, the various departments of the company such as finance, human resource, administration, supplies and sales and marketing will be allowed to operate under optimum efficiency. The analysis of the company’s information system illustrates that each of its functional areas is composed of systems with different architectures a platforms. This illustrates that there is incompatibility and lack or interoperability within these systems which leads to inefficiency in communication and sharing of data. The recommendation for the implementation of an intranet is the motivated by its benefit of creating a common platform under which the various business areas of the company are to operate. Additionally, an intranet will ensure that the business transactions and information exchanges are secure through a central control by a system administrator of the intranet. To achieve the strategic objective of enhanced management of the company’s subsidiaries and agents, it is recommended that the corporate board of the company supports the consolidation of all of the company’s networks and data centers. In this regard, the management of the operations of the company’s supply chain will be under a consolidated management system. Moreover, the consolidation of the data centers of the company will enable the various operations, subsidies and agents of the company to have access to relevant data within the data centers for informed decision making and efficient business operations. It is through the recommended consolidation that the management team will be able to oversee the creation, retrieval and use of data by the various stakeholders within the supply, manufacture, distribution and sale of medical equipment to the company’s customers. It is through this consolidation that the company will be able to efficiently and adequately meet the demand in the market and thus satisfy the customers leading to their loyalty for the company’s medical supplies. In order for the company to meet its tactical objective of meeting the information needs of its stakeholders, it is recommended that the server hardware of the company’s information system is standardized. Standardization of the server hardware means that the configuration of the company’s information systems and telecommunication network must be run under a standardized information system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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