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The opening of the report consists of the brief overview of technology evolution. The paper operates mainly based on research questions which can be stated as follows: How Voice over Internet Protocol technology is better? How does Voice over Internet Protocol technology work?…
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Basics
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Download file to see previous pages The paper throws light on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a well known buzzword nowadays. It is a new technology based communication or way of talking over the phone just round the corner. The main advantage of this technology is that it minimizes the costs that come with a customary phone line, as a minimum at this point of the game. Additionally, this is new communication technology framework that offers the savings of hundreds, or yet thousands of dollars for a number of people. In addition, someone who has utilized voice chat software would be aware of the latency concerns that propagate through some kind of data transfer comprising the internet. However, VoIP technology addresses the latency concerns through RTP, or real time communication protocol. This communication protocol guarantees that data packets are sent and received in a timely way. In addition, customary communication telephone network service providers are taking interest in presenting VoIP services also, with similar national businesses as AT&T and Verizon get high business revenue through the VoIP bandwagon. In this scenario, Vonage was one of the initial extensively recognized corporations to present VoIP communication based services, and is priced competitively by beginners to the marketplace. This paper will discuss technical areas and important features of VoIP technology based framework. This paper will also analyze the basic implications of VoIP technology and its possible evolution in future. ...
So the technology that has brought modernism in our business and educational worlds as a minimum we need to look at its history (Rose India, 2009). Historically, this technology emerged in 1990 when internet phone was utilized using H.323 protocol in place of currently available common SIP protocol. Additionally, this communication software was extremely well known in the marketplace and through 1996. In this scenario Vocaltec had a success through IPO establishment. The place that SKYPE takes up in the marketplace was then occupied by Vocaltec. The weakness due to which this software got issues was the non-accessibility of high speed internet facility or broadband capability and a resulting reduced voice quality due to modems. The lower voice quality was inferior as compared to the usual phone calls (Rose India, 2009) and (Karapantazis & Pavlidou, 2009). In addition, the networking producers like that Cisco and Lucent soon became popular due to software applications that are able to route and switch the VoIP communication based packets traffic and consequently in the year 2000 VoIP technology based communication traffic accounted for 3 percent of the whole voice traffic in US. After that the year 2005 has seen all the important matters regarding VoIP traffic and thus clients are guaranteed of outstanding voice quality as well as continuous phone calls. Additionally, the benefit that was attained through this revolution that has been formulated out of sale of VoIP tools and equipment only in the year has been approximately $3 billion that reached up to $8.5 billion in 2008. The cause at the back of this amazing figure is small cost limitless calling plans and above all plenty of a variety of communication services and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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