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HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations - Research Paper Example

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The essay "HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations" aims to identify three important HR issues that are raised by this scenario (from the article), to review and summarize the most pertinent research evidence and contemporary thinking relating to these issues, and to set out clear and concise research-based advice to HR professionals who face similar situations…
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HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations
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Extract of sample "HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages As a decision strategy, Thurlby was reported to indicate that “those who refused had less chance of being shortlisted for a future top job at the company” (Peacock, 2010, par. 1).
The distinct characteristics of an international manager, known as an expatriate manager have been noted by Schneder and Barsoux (2003) as “a new type of cosmopolitan, multilingual, multifaceted executive who is operational across national borders (somewhat like James Bond)” (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003, p. 185). The plight and challenges experienced by expatriates are closely evaluated by Pires, Stanton & Ostenfeld (2006) in their discourse that aimed to provide guidelines to improve the adjustments and effectiveness of expatriates’ movement to ethnically diverse environments. Jordan & Cartwright (1998) depicted the most apt-key traits and competencies that organizations should be aware of in selecting expatriate managers. Further, expatriation was seen as a promoter of change and an interrupter of status quo (Glanz & van der Sluis, 2001) that options need to be determined by organizations in terms of establishing a career plan to encourage the expatriate’s decision to move and determining options for the expatriates’ spouses.
The Business Dictionary (2011) defines an expatriate as “a person who has citizenship in at least one country, but who is living in another country. Most expatriates only stay in the foreign country for a certain period of time and plan to return to their home country eventually, although there are some who never return to their country of citizenship” (par. 1). In the case of Jaguar, the HR director specifically stated that the potential expatriate manager would be relocated to China on a three-year assignment. Concurrently, “those with partners, or children in schools, were often put off the upheaval of moving abroad” (Peacock, 2010, par. 2).
As for the potential expatriate candidates, the key traits cited by Jordan & Cartwright (1998) from the study of Heller (1980) explicitly stated the following: “a flexible personality, with broad intellectual horizons, attitudinal values of cultural empathy, general friendliness, patience and prudence, impeccable educational and professional (or technical) credentials – all topped off with immaculate health, creative resourcefulness, and respect for peers. If the family is equally well endowed, all the better” (Heller, 1980; cited by Jordan & Cartwright, 1998, p. 89). The characteristics and qualifying traits indicated by Heller (1980) are all-encompassing and comprehensive to define the competencies for the job. If the potential expatriate manager possesses the identified traits, organizations would be assured that the responsibilities expected from the job would be appropriately accomplished and attained, with limited risks and possibilities for failure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations Research Paper - 4, n.d.)
HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations Research Paper - 4.
(HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations Research Paper - 4)
HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations Research Paper - 4.
“HRM Issue Confounding Global Organizations Research Paper - 4”.
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